How To Talk To Girls On Tinder Properly

Tinder is a great way for you to meet girls who you have something in common with, and could potentially have a serious, lasting relationship with. When you are looking for love on Tinder, finding matches is the easy part….so start learning how to talk to girls on Tinder.

However, the hard part is knowing how to talk to girls on Tinder.

If you don’t know what to say on Tinder, you likely won’t get past their first few messages. Just because you know how to Tinder, it doesn’t mean that you know how to communicate on Tinder.

If you are not sure, there are a few tips that you should follow when you have found a girl that you are interested in:

Make the First Message Count

When you have found a girl’s profile that interests you and you would like to send her a message, you first need to think about what you are going to say.

Your first message is going to be the girl’s first impression of you. You want to avoid sending a generic message, such as “hi” or “what’s up“.

If you send a message like that, you will show her that you don’t have much imagination at all. If you want to be like the other 50 guys who have sent her messages, you can compliment her on her looks.

If you want to stand out in the crowd, you should go a different way. Look over her profile and read everything in her “about me” section, and find something that you like and start your first conversation off with that.

It will show her that you are interested in more than just her looks.

How To Talk To Girls On Tinder – Ask Questions

When communicating with a girl on Tinder, it is a good idea to ask her questions.

This is a great way to get to know her better, so you can determine whether or not you would like the messages to lead up to a first date.

Also, asking her questions will show her that you are interested in more than just her looks.

You do, however, want to avoid firing question after question. You want your messages to be casual and not feel like an interview. You should use her answers to a few questions and use them to start a deeper conversation.

If things are going well, you will have more than enough time to ask all of the questions that you need to.

Build a Rapport

While you are messaging a girl, it is a good idea to start to build a rapport. Find something that you have in common and talk about it.

It is a great way to keep a conversation going and it will show her that you might be worth her time because you have common interests.

Don’t Fill Up Her Mailbox

If you had a few interesting conversations with a girl, and suddenly she stops responding to your messages, you don’t want to send message after message waiting for a response.

You don’t know why she isn’t responding.

She could be too busy with work or family to have a chance to check her messages. If you had a few nice conversations, chances are, there is a reason that she isn’t responding and it probably isn’t you.

If you start obsessively sending messages, when she does have a chance to check her inbox, you may have scared her away.

If she hasn’t responded to one of your messages, wait a day or two and send a message telling her that you haven’t heard from her and that you hope everything is alright. Don’t overdo it on Tinder.

This will show her that you are thinking of her and that you aren’t a crazy person.

Don’t Send Sexually Explicit Messages

If you are truly interested in having a relationship with a girl, you want to avoid talking about sex right away. Chances are most guys are doing just that, and you don’t want to be one of them.

When a girl reads these types of messages, she will think that you are only looking for one thing. If she believes this early on, your chances of really getting to know her are slim to none.

There is nothing wrong with being flirty, just don’t take the flirting too far. In time, if she has a sense of humor, you can start sending sexually based messages, just don’t do it right away.

Avoid Talking About Your Ex

When you first start talking to a girl on Tinder, you should avoid talking about your ex girlfriends. It is fine to tell her when you were in a relationship last and how long you were together for.

If she asks, there is no problem with you telling her why things ended, however, you should leave it at that.

If you talk about your ex too often, the girl you are messaging may think that you aren’t over her yet. If she believes this, it can end the relationship before it has a chance to really start.

If you constantly talk down about your ex, this can also be a turn off. You don’t want her to hear you disrespecting a woman.

She may be afraid that someday you will say these things about her if things don’t work out. When it comes to talking about your ex, don’t, unless she brings it up first.

Discuss Your True Intentions

Guys and girls think differently. As a guy, you may not feel the need to talk about what you are looking for when it comes to relationships.

Girls are different.

They like to know early on what to expect and what the guy is looking for. If you want to stand out among the other guys that are messaging her, let her know your intentions early on.

You don’t need to talk about marriage and family, but you can tell her if you are looking for something casual or if you are hoping to build a relationship into something serious.

She will respect you for your honesty. She will also appreciate the fact that you aren’t playing games.

Having the Tinder profile and great photos is the easy part. The difficult part is impressing a girl through messages so that she wants to meet you in person.

If you follow the tips above, you have an excellent chance of getting a face to face meeting.