Top 30 Quotes to Make Him Smile Once You Had a Fight

So you had a fight with your bae and now you can’t talk normally. We’ve all been there and it sucks big time. But hey, this is life and no couple is immune to conflicts. However, all relationship appreciate a good laugh.

With this in mind, we created a list of funny love quotes for him. Laughter is the best medicine no matter what problem you face and it’s a sure way to build a happy relationship too. We promise that once he hears you say something like this, he’ll forget why you’ve argued in the first place.

1. You look the cutest when you are angry.

2. It ain’t the real love if you never had a fight. (This is one of the old classic funny love quotes for him.)

3. When a boy gets mad, it’s kinda cute. When a girl gets angry, World War III is about to start. Let’s not do that again!

4. You must be in a bad mood due to the lack of vitamin ME.

5. It’s true that opposites attract just like we did years back!

6. When we fight, we fight to hug later. You know what? It’s about time we did the latter part!

7. There are many reasons to argue but there are even more reasons to cuddle.

8. It’s hard to complete the happily ever after without you in it.

9. FYI, loving me is like 100% better than fighting with me!

10. Sometimes you’re a prick but I love you anyway.

11. So I have two tickets to a movie I’ve been hoping to watch today. Why would I need 2 of them? Hmmm?

12. Fighting with you is literally impossible. Why? Because all I can think of is loving you!

13. I love you more than I love shopping. But please don’t make me prove it. I still want that dress!

14. As Rocky Balboa would say, the best fight is a fight that didn’t happen.

15. You know, last time we were like Samsung and iPhone!

16. My love is both freezing and warming. You know why? Cause when I freeze you, I always warm you after!

17. Well… I messed up. Can we please talk face-to-face? I owe you about a hundred kisses.

18. I love you more than I love my brand new H&M dress.

19. I’m pretty sure we’ll be together till death do us part. Or till we kill each other.

20. So here’s the deal, I kiss you, you say “I miss you”, and we act as if nothing bad ever happened.

21. You are my cheese on pizza.

22. You still owe me $20, but I’m willing to waive the debt if you forget about that thing we had last time.

23. All I need is love and something sweet. Just a little tiny bit of you, my sweetheart!

24. Each day our relationship is getting stronger. Except for yesterday. Yesterday you were annoying as hell.

25. Since we last met, I got sick. I could use a good old healing kiss from you!

26. I think I need vitamin YOU, it feels so bad without it.

27. Love is a fire that can warm your heart or burn down your house. Mine is both btw.

28. I could use a hug from you, it’s cold as the North Pole without you!

29. I love you even when I’m super hungry, and that’s telling a lot!

30. When I’m hungry, all I can think of is food. And you. Food and you. The perfect combination.

There are many other cute funny love quotes for him you could use to make up after a big fight. We decided to pick the best ones out of the bunch. Use one of those to set the right mood for a conversation. We hope you liked our list of funny quotes for him.