Speed Dating in America

There are all sorts of opinions on something as controversial as speed dating.  Some people approve of it, some people hate it, and a lot of people are somewhere in between.

The thing to remember is, speed dating is as popular as it is because it fits into so many people’s lifestyles.

No matter how much some people may hate the idea, both online and speed dating are here to stay in terms of our modern civilization here in America.

Despite how the movies may make it seem, there’s a lot of depth in speed dating, so here’s everything you need to know about it (the good, the bad, and everything in between).

First impressions

As you may or may not know, speed dating is when couples are put together a table for certain time (usually under five minutes) and encouraged to discuss whatever they want to discuss with the partner they’re sitting with.

After that time is up, one person moves and another partner takes the place.

As such, first impressions are essentially the only way for a couple to know whether or not they’re compatible.

I’m like a traditional date, there’s not enough time for somebody to slip up on the façade that they are using, meaning that sometimes the first impression can be misleading.

At the end of the speeding session, the partners can put the numbers or names forward of people that they met at their interested in getting to know better, and this is how the process works.

So, if someone is nervous or shy, may not make the best first impression of the partner sitting across from then that could actually be a good match in any other setting.

So, their upsides and downsides to speed dating simply because everything is based off of that 3 to 5 minute first impression.

Decision is instant

Did anything about speed dating, is that you have to make up your mind as soon as the partner leaves whether or not you want to see him or her again.

You will get a chance to speak to him again before the end of the event, so you make a decision based entirely off with that short conversation, which often is followed by other similar conversations with new partners.

For those that do well in social situations, this will not be too hard, but there are many who find they have anxiety in speed dating environment, to making a decision at the end the night can often be painful.

On a more positive note, however, making a snap decision can often be a good thing.

This is because you are relying on what your gut instinct tells you, which is often our inner voice of conscience.

Therefore, you may settle on one person that they wouldn’t otherwise, because something about him or her stood out to us.

The bigger the group, the rasher the decision

The thing to know about speed dating, is that the bigger the group is, the more likely that a contender is going to make a decision based on physical appearances alone.

This may be a good thing if you’re good looking, or you have a nice laugh, but what happens if you’re one of those who speak in a voice, or may not look like somebody off the magazine cover?

I can give a disadvantage to those who may not know how to handle themselves if this is the first time in this kind of situation.

The smaller group of contenders is often more beneficial to those looking for lasting connection, they will have the space, and the mental capacity to be able to make a decision based off of the gut instinct instead of one that is entirely based off of physical or situational characteristics.

Convenient and fun

There are those select few that simply hate everything to do with speed dating, but many people who are used to today’s fast-paced world finds that speed dating is actually very fun and convenient for their lifestyles.

Simply comes down to what you’re looking to get out of speed dating.  Most people going into it, are simply looking for a fun time with somebody who has the same interests as them.

If you looking to make a lasting connection right off the bat, this is certainly not the location to do so, unless you find that rare person who’s looking for the same thing, and tells you in that five minute conversation.

For that person who’s looking to have a great time and some good food if they choose to meet a person again, speed dating is a perfect option for those who don’t have the time, patience, confidence go on a proper first date right off the bat.

Can lead to a real connection

As mentioned previously, there is a way for people to make a real connection and speed dating.

As it is portrayed in movies, this is often because two people are put together at a table, both being awkward and uncomfortable, and hit it off.

These people may not have met normally, because they would be too shy to ask each other out, but this puts them in the same situation at the same table, allowing them to make a real and lasting connection.

Speed dating is not as superficial as it may seem, and you will get it exactly what you put into it.

All in all, speed dating has many benefits, and only a few disadvantages.

Those advantages and disadvantages can be whatever you want it to be, as it always comes down to understanding what you, yourself, are looking to get out of the entire experience.

The thing you have to remember is that our world is going to because doing moving faster intensive lifestyle, so even if you’re not interested In it right now, speed dating is something you should try at least once in your life. After all, you never know who you’re going to meet.