How to Date as A Virgin

Never had sex before and want to wait for marriage?

Here are my tips on how to date as a virgin First I just want to say that it is rare and increpbily commendable for you to wait until marriage to have sex or at least not jump into a physical relationship until you are ready.

When we sleep with someone we build an emotional attachment and I believe there is no such thing as casual sex.

So here are some tips for you on how to date as a virgin and tell men you aren’t going to be sleeping with them :

1) Do what is right for you – stand in your conviction , just because others don’t agree or don’t understand doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with your choices . Stop apologising for it!

2)Date someone who believes the same things – make it easier for you by dating men who have the same choices and values as you so you aren’t trying to convince men all the time not to have sex.

3)Tell him early on – so that no one gets a surprise and so that things can be kept transparent. Explain rather than express to him.

4) Don’t make sex the focus – learn to feel fulfilled in other areas and try to limit the temptation by not always focusing on not having sex.

5) Learn to be affectionate without sex – holding hands, cuddling , soft touches and kisses as well as having deep conversations that make you feel closer and more intimate .

6) Don’t put yourself in tempting situations – don’t make it harder for both of you by being in intimate or compromising situations.

I believe there is a big reward in a marriage for two people who choose to wait until then to have sex. But having great sex takes practice , communication and vulnerability – plus it shouldn’t be the only reason why someone gets married !