Attract Him With the Five Senses – Sight

If you want to effect a lasting impression on your man, bring all of his senses to life.

Today, let’s talk about sight.

It’s been proven that when the senses are engaged in an experience, the memory of the experience is stronger. Weather you are newly dating, in a long term relationship or married, paying attention to the sensual aspects of your environment will affect your relationship in a positive way.

Let’s explore…

Men are awed by women who naturally and easily express their God given sensuality. They are drawn in and mysteriously spell cast by our femininity. Do you make an effort to bring your best self forward in appearance and attitude or have you become complacent from your routine? Here are some ideas to consider with regards to the sense of “sight”.


Men are visual and while you certainly don’t have to look perfect at all times making sure your appearance is put together in a way men respond to is a big key to how attractive he sees you..

Accentuate your best features. If you have great legs, wear skirts more often.  If your arms are toned and sexy, show them off.

Your clothes should be form fitting showing your womanly curves, but not with everything hanging out. Men prefer a hint of sexuality so they can imagine the rest.

Brighter colors are more attractive and stimulating to men than neutral or black.

Hair and Make-up

It makes men feel cared for and special when their woman cares about her appearance. He wants to feel proud and lucky to have you on his arm and while we all wish love could be completely unconditional and our looks didn’t much matter, the fact is they do. Men aren’t expecting us to look like super models or look perfectly “done” at all times, they just want to see that we take the effort and care about our appearance just as much as we did when we started dating – for ourselves and for them.

Men want your hair soft and feminine. Not a severe style that’s loaded with gel and hairspray.

I was on a date once with a man who suddenly took his hand and ran it through my hair and commented that he had needed to find out if it was as soft as it looked.

While his was a bold move, (it was only our 3rd date) I was instantly grateful that I hadn’t sprayed it into a stiff, hard shell. Hair should look soft and feel soft.

We all look better with at least a little make up. While men like make up more natural, it’s important to “wow” him on date night by going the extra mile and playing up your eyes.

Your Body

You don’t have to be a size 4 or even the size you were when your relationship began, what makes you attractive is when you take effort to keep your present body in shape and healthy.

Exercise, eat a well balanced diet, don’t smoke and drink alcohol in moderation.

He loves to look at your body sitting, standing, dancing, sleeping and every posture in between. Give him that sensual pleasure and take pride in the assets you were born with.


What are you wearing under your clothes right now?

At the very least make sure your bra and underwear are in good condition and MATCH. Mismatched bras and panties that are torn and faded are NOT attractive. Get rid of them now!

Men want to feel like they are unwrapping a beautiful present that is just for them.

When you put a little effort into your undergarments men feel special and your stock as a beautiful, sensual woman goes way up.

The memory of undressing you to reveal pretty, feminine, lacy lingerie hiding your womanly treasures will burn on his brain for days.

Your Home

The overall first impression of entering your home and laying eyes on you will have a lasting effect on your man.

If your home is a display of clutter and disorganization how attractive do you think that is?

The clutter will be associated with YOU.

Take time to clean and organize your surroundings before your man comes over for a date or your husband comes home from work.

Have fresh flowers in a vase on the table. Light candles, or dim the lights turn off the TV. in favor of background music.

If you are newly dating, you probably still do take the extra time with your appearance and home. But if you are in a long term relationship or marriage, ask yourself if you’ve relaxed a bit in these areas.

If so, make a change. You will feel better about yourself and your man will feel lucky to be with a sensual woman who takes care of her appearance and environment for HERSELF and for HIM.

Memories of you and how his surroundings were relaxing and pleasurable will come back to your man throughout his hectic workday and make him feel connected to you in a positive way.