Ten Ways To Make Sure You’re Using The Best Profile Picture

When people look at your dating profile they want to get a genuine and honest idea of what you look like, so it’s crucial to use a photo that shows what you actually look like. Of course it’s important to use a flattering picture, but it turns out that we tend to have different ideas about what looks good. Following these tips will make sure you immediately make that all important good first impression.

1. Quality over quantity

One high quality shot will do much better than ten grainy, out of focus ones, so do yourself a favour and pick a good one.

2. Eyes front

Looking directly at the camera helps people get a true idea of what you look like – if you’re looking away or they can only see half of your face, it can feel like you’re trying to hide something.

3. Smile!

You might think that your sultry pout makes you look mysterious and alluring, but you’re more likely to come across as miserable and a bit of a poser. A genuine smile goes a very long way.

4. Head and shoulders

Whilst it’s a good idea to include a full body shot as part of your secondary pictures, your main profile photo should be head and shoulders so potential dates can get a good look at your lovely face.

5. Turn the flash off

A picture taken with a flash highlights all those lines, wrinkles, lumps and bumps, and generally makes you look older than you are. It can also give you scary red eyes, so use a photo lit by natural daylight.

6. #nofilter (please)

People want to see what you look like, not what you look like with a kitty ears Snapchat filter covering your face.

7. Keep your clothes on

Even if you’ve got the body of a greek god or goddess, showing it off on your dating profile isn’t a classy move. Keep those firm abs as a nice surprise for whoever ends up getting past first base later on.

8. Don’t use selfies

Selfies never look as good as photos taken by other people, plus they can insinuate that you don’t socialise much with others. If you have no pictures of yourself to hand, ask a friend to do a quick photo shoot with you.

9. Go it alone

Whilst pictures with friends are great for the rest of your picture gallery, your main profile photo should be you by yourself, so no exes, best mates, randoms or pets.

10. Get a second opinion

Once you’ve picked your photo, ask someone what they think. Does it truly represent who you are? Do you look attractive and approachable? Could you choose a better one? A helping hand from a friend will help you make the most of your profile.