Secret Places to Meet the Woman of Your Dreams

Many guys ask themselves how to meet women or think that the only place to meet someone is the bar or club. The truth is, there are many other places where people can hook up. 

Are you wondering where to meet women outside of the bar? You see women every day, but some places are easier than others to get to know them. And chances are that you visit these places almost every day. 

Discover the ten best places to find and meet women and maybe you’ll find the woman of your dreams. 


If you love helping out your community or people in need, join a volunteer group. You’ll know that these women have the same values as you do since they’re volunteering for the same things you are. 

This is a great place to learn more about your community and local events in the area as well. The two of you will have plenty to talk about and you may see her again at other volunteer events. 

How to Approach Her

Approaching women while volunteering is easy because you’re often working in groups together. If you’re in a group, just strike up a conversation to help pass the time. Ask her how long she’s been volunteering or talk about the project. 

Book Stores 

Do you love books? Find someone with that same love of reading by frequenting book stores in your area. This is arguably one of the best places to meet women with similar interests as you. All you have to do is visit your favorite section and look for anyone browsing the shelves. 

Book stores also have events that you can attend like author signings or readings. This is a good way to meet women that love the same books that you do. 

Finding the Right Topic

You have to be careful when talking to someone in a bookstore because you don’t want to disturb the other customers. If she looks like she’s busy reading or distracted, wait for the right moment to approach her. 

Having a topic in mind before you talk to her can help break the ice. Sometimes a joke works well. You can also ask for recommendations or talk about a specific book or author that you like. 

Music Festivals and Concerts 

Often what brings people together is their shared love of music. Music festivals are filled with a variety of people from all over the world. This means a festival may be one of the best places to meet women if you live in a small town or city without many dating options. 

It’s a great way to meet girls that have a similar taste in music. Many women want to find concert partners or dates for events like these. 

Finding a Concert Date

Sometimes the best way to find someone that loves the same type of music you do isn’t at the concert itself but beforehand. 

Some websites are dedicated to helping people find concert buddies. This is a good way to find women that love the same bands and music that you do. All you need to do is create a profile and post a request to find someone willing to attend with you. As a bonus, you’ll always have a way to connect with her afterwards.

Coffee Shops

Wondering where to meet girls in a more casual environment? Coffee shops are a good bet. Many women frequent coffee shops to relax and read or even work from their laptops. Your local Starbucks is almost guaranteed to have a lot of women. 

If you go often enough, you’ll recognize the regulars. This is a good way to spot women that often visit and are most likely local in your area. Striking up a conversation while you’re waiting in line is also a good way to pass the time and get to know them. 

When to Approach

Because many women go to the coffee shop to get work done, you need to plan your approach carefully. If she’s typing on her laptop and she looks busy, you should respect that she probably wants to be left alone. 

The best time to approach someone is when they’re alone and they don’t look busy or distracted. Waiting in line to place an order or while waiting for your drink is a good time to talk.

Speed Dating & Singles Events

Speed dating and singles events are still one of the most popular places to meet women.  When attending a singles event, you know before you begin that everyone here is single and looking for a partner. This takes some of the stress off and makes it easier to find someone. 

Check online for any singles events near you. Local papers and magazines might also list any speed dating or singles events coming up. 

Will Speed Dating Work for You?

Speed dating isn’t for everybody but it is a good way to meet several single women in a short span of time. Because you only have a few minutes with each woman, you should know how to make the most of your time. 

Prepare material in advance so you have plenty to talk about but make sure you’re asking about her and not just talking about yourself. Make a good first impression and try to think of interesting questions rather than “tell me about yourself”.

A Wedding

Weddings remain one of the best places to find single women. Many women that go to weddings want to find their happy ending as well, meaning they may be more likely to hook up with you. 

If the wedding you’re attending doesn’t have a singles table, ask if you can be placed on the same table as someone that could be a good match. You might find someone with a lot of similar interests. At the very least, you both know either the bride or the groom.

How to Catch Her Interest

There’s a high chance that many women will be alone at their table at some point during the night. After the speeches and the buffet, most weddings have games or dancing. This is the best time to get to know someone and hang out together. 

Take the initiative and ask her to dance if you’re looking for a great way to have fun. If you’re not a great dancer, you can offer her a drink instead. 


If faith is important to you and you want to know where to meet women that share your faith, start at your church, synagogue, or place of worship. If you attend services every week, chances are that you recognize a few faces. If you notice someone sitting by themselves, ask if you can sit next to them. 

Women of all different ages attend church, so no matter what your age group is you’re likely to find a potential match here. 

Find Women at Church Events

Churches and places of worship often have group activities and events that you can attend. These are great ways to get to know which women in your area share your faith. 

If you don’t attend service regularly, you can find many of these events online. You can find everything from craft fairs to concerts to conferences and more.

Shopping Mall 

When guys think about where to meet women, few of them think of the mall. But shopping malls are full of single women. And getting one to talk to you isn’t as hard as you might think. 

Ask their opinion on something that you want to buy if you’re looking for a good way to start a conversation. The key is to read the mood and keep your conversations fun but short. 

What to Avoid

Many women go to the mall with a mission in mind. They don’t want to be distracted by those annoying kiosk salesmen and they’re likely not thinking about finding a date. That’s why you should stick to the point, be funny or sincere and ask for her number so you can get together somewhere else sometime. 

The food court at the mall is also a good place to meet women. If you see one sitting by herself, ask if you can share a table. You have a little more freedom here than in the store, which means it can be easier to get her number and hit it off.

Art Museums

Do you love art? If so, you can find women that share your passion at local art museums and galleries. Women that attend these places are often cultured and sophisticated. Some are artists themselves. 

Art museums often have exhibits or events that include food and drinks and offer a chance to mingle. 

Finding an Event

If you want to find an event, check online. Learning about the exhibit beforehand or finding one that interests you increase your chances of having something to talk about. 

Having an interest in the material helps because you’ll come across as genuine, not phony. If you know what you’re talking about, you’ll seem confident, intelligent, and cultured.

The Gym

Although not all women want to be approached at the gym, there are some good opportunities here to meet your dream girl. Women that go to the gym often want to go with a partner rather than by themselves. Finding a workout buddy that later becomes something more is a good way to find someone. 

Instead of approaching someone in the cardio room, you can meet women through a workout group or class. Gyms often have classes for their members and this is a great way to get to learn a new skill and get to know someone better at the same time. 

The gym is one of the best places to meet women in their 20s or 30s. Many women this age take classes like Yoga, Zumba, or HIIT. 

For women 65 or older, you can find many singles in SilverSneakers fitness classes. Many fitness locations offer these classes and it’s a great way to meet older women. 

How to Approach Her

Knowing when to approach someone and how to do it can be the difference between success and failure at the gym. 

If you see an attractive woman in your fitness class, pick a spot next to her. The best time to chat is before and after the class. When class is over, you can talk about your experience and how you enjoyed it. And because you’ll see her each class, you have more time to get to know her and get her number. 

Co-Ed Sports Teams

Do you love to play sports and you’d like to find a woman that loves the same activities? If so, then joining a co-ed sports team could be a great way to find someone. 

Like the gym, this is a great way to get a workout in while also meeting new people. All players are adults and most are in their 20s or 30s. By joining a community sports league, you have more chances of meeting a woman your age with similar interests. 

How to Join a Team

The best place to find an adult recreational league is online. You can search for local leagues to find a team in or near your city. If you can’t find one close, you can make your own and promote it online. 

Dance Classes

Can’t dance but always wanted to learn? Dance classes are full of attractive, single women. This may take you out of your comfort zone but if you have a real interest in learning, this is a great place to meet women. 

And even if you don’t meet your dream girl here, you can impress someone in the future with your dancing skills. 

Nervous About Dancing?

Classes like these have far fewer men than women, so you’ll be in the minority here. But there’s no need to be nervous. If you’re genuinely interested in learning, this is a great place to make new friends and maybe even set up some dates.

Take a Cooking Class

Signing up for a cooking class is like signing up for a dance class. Even if you don’t meet your dream woman here, you’ll learn a valuable new skill. 

Most women love men that can cook and you’re likely to be one of the few men in the class. And in a cooking class, you’ll often find yourself paired with someone to complete a dish. This gives you time to get to know her better. 

Both older women and younger women take cooking classes. This means you can find women in their 20s as easily as you can find women in their 40s or older. 

Making a Date Night

Not sure how to transition from cooking class to date night? Tell her you want to practice your culinary skills more and ask her over for dinner. If dinner seems too intimate or intimidating, ask her over for lunch and then head out on a date somewhere.

The Dog Park 

If you have a dog and you’d love to find a woman that also loves dogs, the dog park is your best bet. You already have something in common and it’s easy to set up future “dates” to the dog park together. 

The dog park is another location where you can meet women of all ages. Both young women and older women take their dogs to the exercise park. 

How to Meet Women at the Dog Park

There are lots of regulars at the dog park, so if you see the same woman feel free to start a conversation. Start playing with your dog nearby and after some times ask her about her pup. 

Letting your dogs play together is a great reason to hang out. You’ll always have something to talk about, so there won’t be any awkward silences. Afterwards, ask for her number and see if she’d like to head somewhere different together next time.

Meeting Women Through Online Dating

Sometimes, the best way to meet women is through online dating. Online, you have a wider group of women to choose from. 

Think about it, what if the woman of your dreams lives in another city or even in another country? With online dating, you can connect with these women that live farther away and make plans to meet up in person. This is something that never would have happened if you limited yourself to looking for women at local spots. 

It’s easier to connect with different women by sending a message. This is far less intimidating than approaching a woman in a public space. As a bonus, you know all women on a dating site are single and open to starting a relationship. 

How to Meet the Woman of Your Dreams

Are you ready to start dating but you’re not sure how or where to start? You don’t have to rely on bars or clubs to find single women. There are plenty of women that hang out at the places mentioned on this list. 

So the next time you’re hanging out at one of these places, don’t be afraid to start a conversation. You might just find your perfect match.