We all fall in love with people who are basically complete strangers.

This love story happens to me a few years ago when I was quite young. Everything looks quite normal in the early phase of the relationship, but then, it becomes a nightmare and haunted me for years. I hope this story can give you some insight so that you will not make the same mistake as I am.

The Story Begins 

Everything started when I fall in love with this mystery man. The first time I know him, my world turns upside down for a while. Realizing that he is actually my first love. And for a while, I thought that falling in love with him is the best thing that ever happens to me.

Kirsten Dunst once said,

You can never control who you fall in love with, even when you’re in the saddest, confused time of your life. You don’t fall in love with people because they’re fun. It just happens.” 

And I felt that. I don’t realize when is the exact time I fall in love with him. I just wake up one day and realize that I fall in love with him and would do anything for him.

And the best part is, I never met him in person. He contacts me through the phone and I’ve no idea where he got my number. He just said that he knows a few of my friends and he is interested to know more about me.

At that time, I believe his story because of all the information he shares about my friends are correct. He also said that I’ve already met him at my friend’s house when she hosts a party, but because of his personality, I might not remember him well.

His story seems legit, the way he describes the situation makes me really think that he was there with me at the party, but I just can’t remember which one is he. I ask my friends about him, but they’re also not sure, they said maybe he is friends of their friends.

That guy really knows a lot about me, the way he communicates with me makes me feel like we have known each other for quite some time. Without realizing it, I feel happy sharing my daily moment with him. Plus, I also keep waiting for his texts.

I know it sounds stupid, but that is what happens to me. And that’s how my story begins…

Fall In Love With Mystery Man For 2 Years

What is love? Someone told me that love is when two people touch each other’s souls, and the other one told me that love is full of honesty and trust.

For me, love is a sacrifice.

A willingness to give all of you to the person you love the most even though you know that you will not get anything in return.

Love is very tricky, your brain pushes it away, but your heart misses it. This is what happens to me, I know it beyond logic to fall in love with a man that you never met, but my heart says otherwise. I started to talk to myself, “It’s okay, I can fall in love first then we can meet later when we both ready.”

From friends to lovers

After a few months, we still actively contact each other. I start to follow him on social media and commenting on his post. We become much closer and even start talking through the phone.

I start to fall for him when we are talking through the phone. His voice is so charming and calm, he is a good listener and always spend his time for me. Whenever I had a problem, he will listen carefully to my problem and always give me good advice.

His voice calms my heart and his advice gives me strength. I really think that he is the one for me. I can’t help myself not to fall for him.

One day, he said that he considers me more than a friend. He told me that he wants a serious relationship with me. I feel so happy but at the same time, I still doubtful about him. We never met each other, how can he expect me to have a serious relationship with him?

But he really knows how to convince me, he said that everything will work just fine. He is working outside the city right now. His schedule is quite packed and he promises me that when everything is on track, he will come to meet me in person.

After a week of thinking, I said “Yes”, and we’re both are very happy about it.

Months have changed …

Days by days, week after week, and month changes, we still never meet with each other. I’m not sure how to describe the situation, but I do feel like I’m in a long-distance relationship with him.

We flirt and talk casually like other couples. He even gets me a surprise gift for my birthday, but he using the delivery service and never tries to meet me.

Sometimes I ask him how long are we gonna be like this, but as usual, he keeps on giving excuses.

It is hard for me to maintain the relationship. I’m not sure how much should I trust him, all the information that I have about him is all based on the conversation and online information (social media), I do not even see him with my own two eyes.

Until one day, we had a big fight because of certain issues. I told him that I want a breakup, but he did not agree. So I give him a chance to prove himself if he really wants to save the relationship. My condition is simple, we should meet each other, full stop!

I think he is a psycho… 

I told him that I want to meet him. We have been a couple for a long time, but we never met. And this time he said yes. So we both set a place, date, and time to meet. I feel so happy to meet him for the first time.

I go to the saloon, buy new clothes, and make sure everything looks great. This is my first date after being in a relationship for months, you know how excited I’m right?

On that day, I got there first and wait for him. From minute to an hour, I didn’t hear anything from him. I started to feel uneasy. I call him but he didn’t answer. A few minutes later, he texts me saying that he will be late.

Because I want to meet him so badly, I didn’t get mad and I just keep waiting for him. I was there for 4 hours, hoping that ‘one’ man will show up in front of me with his smiles.

But… It does not happen, he wasn’t there, not even call me, or reply to my texts.

I feel so sad and I text him that I want to go home. So, I started to find a taxi and left that place. I’m crying so badly in the taxi, everything that I’ve planed that day just gone. He broke our promise and my heart.

After I arrived at my home, I received a text message from him with a few photos. And I was so surprised because the woman in the photo is me. He was there when I’m waiting for him. The photo that he took seems like he was so close to me, but I did not know he was there.

Suddenly I feel so scared, he was so close to me but I did not know. Who the hell is he? Why he did not come to me when he was that close? I don’t remember seeing someone who looks like him when I waiting for him. Did he a real person or not?

At that time, I totally feel blank, I don’t know what to do, all I can remember is I just crying all night.

My feelings are fading… 

Even though it more than a year we know each other, I still feel clueless about him. I don’t even know what kind of person he is as a real-life person. Yes, we do talk a lot, but I still not sure about so many things because I don’t see it with my own eyes.

This kind of feeling makes me worry, especially after the recent incident. Personally, I don’t think that I can trust him anymore. I feel so frustrated and feel betrayed after the incident. And I start to understand why he kept giving me excuses when I want to meet him.

Slowly, all the puzzles start to connect with each other. Now I know why he keeps avoiding certain questions. Sometimes, when I forced him to tell the truth for certain issues he became angry and began to blame me for an unprecedented error.

I started to recall back all the weird things that happen to me when I’m in a relationship with him. It makes me realize one thing… I should never be in a relationship with this guy.

It not fair for me because I poured everything into him. And he decided to shatter me and put me in the worst mental state I have ever been in. So I keep on questioning myself…

Should I care about him?

How long should I wait for him?

And finally, I’ve made a decision…

I gathered all my strength to tell him that I wanted to end this relationship. It is time to let go of everything. It pains me to say all of this, maybe because I still care, but this goodbye is the best decision for both of us.

Of course, he did not agree. He’s begging for a second chance and promise me that he would changes. He wants to set up for another date, which I no longer interested in. I just had enough and I won’t change my mind for him.

Years past…

It’s been more than a year and I didn’t hear anything from him (maybe because I block his number). I continue my life and trying to move on from what happened from the past years.

Long story short, I met a guy from another department of my company and started to get to know each other. He was kind and very hardworking. After a few months, he proposed to me and I said “Yes.”

I was very happy at that time. Unfortunately, that happy feeling did not last long. The mysterious man that I’m trying to forget come back to ruin my life.

One fine day, I got a package from an unknown sender. I was so shocked because it was my pictures on the package, a lot of it. And it was taken from different places and different dates. My body was terribly shaking, that man has been following and stalking me for the past year.

He also sends me a short note with the picture written,

“You’re mine, don’t you dare to marry him!”

I’m not sure how he knows that my boyfriend is proposing to me. I talk to my boyfriend about him and he also said that he received a few text messages saying that he should leave me alone.

Then we decided to report this case to the nearest police station. But there’s nothing we can do because we don’t have much information about him.

We decided to leave the country…

My boyfriend and I decided to leave the country. It might sound funny, but we really make a proper plan on how to leave the country. I still remember it clearly, we move from our house to my friend’s house, then we change our clothes and use a different car to go to the airport.

We afraid that guy following us. So we try our best to make sure everything goes as we plan. Honestly, I’m quite happy with this little adventure. I and my partner had some fun planning and the thrill feels like we’re in the movie lol.

After settling down in another country, we had our wedding. It just a small wedding with a few family members and close friends. I feel so lucky to have met my partner right now, only God knows how thankful I’m because he was here with me.

Now we’ve been married for 5 years. Thank God, there’s no more secret letter or picture from that mysterious man. I hope he already has moved on and leads a better life for a better future.

For those who’ve read this story, I hope you can learn something from my past experience. Please be careful with whom you’ve been contacting now, especially if you know them online but never had a chance to meet them yet.