5 Tips To Increase Your Intimacy Game

I wanted to share a few tips to increase your intimacy. A large part of intimacy is mental, and many of these tips are rooted in stimulating the mental game to make your physical game that much more powerful.

Without further delay, here are 5 things that you can immediately incorporate into your relationships today!

1. Increase your intimacy with The “Tantric Pause”

One of the best tips to increase your intimacy from the Tantra is the concept of delayed gratification. The reasoning is that by delaying the gratification, the reward will be much more intense and pleasurable once received.

Taking this idea, one thing I have found that makes make out sessions and intimacy much more intense is during heavy kissing, to go in as if I am going to kiss the girl, but then stopping frozen when my nose is just about to touch hers.

This creates a break in the action as well as a tease scenario, and by being able to hold still while looking directly in her eyes, it builds excitement, connection and anticipation.

The best part is that it usually takes about 5 second before the girl becomes so overwhelmed with excitement and tension that she passionately will grab me and kiss me, allowing us to resume the activities with the passion amplified.

She lost control and I didn’t; which not only shows the power of her desire for me; but also keeps the balance of Frame in my favor.

2. Getting “lost” in a kiss

This is a passionate tease tactic that is the inverse of the Tantric Pause. This is something I usually do when saying goodbye, and is very useful when the relationship hasn’t been consummated yet.

What this involves is during a goodbye make out session, I begin by being firm yet gentle with my kissing.

Then, after a few moments, a sudden flash of hot and heavy gets introduced as I firmly squeeze her body into mine while giving her a long, hard, passionate kiss. I then immediately pull back with a smile while looking in her eyes.

What this does is give her a brief flash of raw, unfiltered passion which leaves her wanting to see how she can extract more of it from you.

Also, it allows you to create the Frame of “being caught up in the moment” and allows her to get sucked deeper into the moment as well. The key is to be firm but gentle, passionate, but in control.

These sorts of tips to increase your intimacy creates the illusion is that you’ve temporarily lost control, but by pulling back it creates a bit of doubt as you “catch yourself.”

This is a great note to end an encounter on and as they say in show business; “always leave them wanting more.”

3. The “out of the blue” ass-smack

This one has been discussed elsewhere plenty of times, but I love employing it so much that I had to share my thoughts.

I only use this with women that I have been with for awhile. Mostly because after you have been intimate it feels way more natural, but also I feel that once you’ve been intimate, this maneuver is best suited the present dynamic of the relationship.

Essentially, this is giving a girl a firm, playful smack right on the ass, usually followed with a smirk and a wink, and can be done after being intimate or just hanging out, usually around the house.

This action reinforces the playful dynamic of the relationship as well as shows you’re not afraid to display some dominance every now and again.

4. Holding The Neck to Increase your Intimacy

This move can be a powerful way to build attraction. Holding a girls neck has been proven to build intimacy and trust among couples.

As the neck is the most vulnerable part of a women’s body, putting your hand behind it can build trust. Whether your watching TV or in bed, caressing your girls neck or holding it from behind / the side can build trust and attraction.

More than touching or holding any other part of the body, holding her neck shows that she trusts you and quickly builds rapport studies have shown. 

Try putting your hand behind her neck while you guys are watching TV or laying in bed and watch her melt! When it comes to tips to increase your intimacy, the right moves don’t need to be complicated ones. 

5. The “Jedi Breath Trick”

I call this one the “Jedi Breathe Trick” because it involves the girl having her eyes closed and having to rely on her sense of touch to feel you, much like a Jedi closing their eyes in order to “feel the force.”

In order to do this, I will either use a sleeping eye cover or a tie (anything that can act as a blindfold will do) and cover the girl’s eyes.

Then, while she is laying on her back, I will bring my face about an inch away from her body, and then I will exhale a hot, deep breath over her body.

I usually start around the neck or stomach, and then I move my face all over her body as I exhale.

I never do it in her face as that is not sexy, but what I usually do is run my breath over her body, starting around her breasts and then making my way down to her vagina.

From there I will get between her legs, and then continue to run my breath between her inner things.

What’s great about this technique is that it puts you in a dominate role as you are in full control of what happens next. And since her eyes are closed, she has no idea what you’re going to do next.

By using your breath, you can let her “feel you” without physically touching her, as your warmth from your breath makes a soothing sound and the movement of your head moves the warmth to various parts of her body.

Her not being able to see increases her anticipation as well as intensifies her sense touch, so she can experience a heighten sense of awareness.