Love in the Time of Lockdown

The arena of dating, love, and sex, as most of us know, has been dramatically modified by the coronavirus epidemic, thus the need to observe physical distance among ourselves.

Physical Isolation is Not Social Isolation.

Different people may be affected by lockdown than others, like those whose conditions are already separated due to physical or health matters. Again, if you cannot access the internet or don’t have an idea of digital communication mediums. Using other social networks, you could find more comfortable like-minded people and start a conversation online. Modern communication platforms offer opportunities for people to be social during the COVID – 19 crisis. However, you still need to interact using readily available methods like making telephone calls or just smiling or waving to people you see moving around to improve connection with individuals who may be experiencing loneliness and seclusion without these modern systems.

Here are some things you can do to stay connected that prevents social isolation:

  • Have your video party- you don’t have to be in the same room to have a meal or watch Netflix with your friends and family. With technology, you can link up with friends and family and have some good time.
  • Observe your regular routine and don’t change it; for example, if you usually take breakfast at 8, continue doing so.
  • Take an online course by registering for free classes that can guarantee you a certificate, strengthening your resume.
  • Enjoy the sunshine and work out if possible – It’s still acceptable to go for a walk in the park or nearby areas during this pandemic. Only observe time and keep distance.

A Dating Site is a Place to Meet Your Soulmate

You can find love anywhere, including online dating sites. What happens when you find your soulmate, and how can you predict this magic moment through an online medium? Nevertheless, regardless of how beautiful online dating may appear, do not hold on to communication in actual life. After two to three weeks of online communication, you can start talking on the phone, then communicate over a camera and meet physically.  Dating sites enable two people to conquer the fear that stops them from connecting in ordinary life and retains the reality that may arise from online dating.

New Technology to Date

VR dating is not only about finding someone new, but it’s where you can connect with your long-term girlfriend of five years. Like any other couple, you people can send text messages and meet on video chat. But after putting on your VR headsets, the long-distance disappears. You can get 360-degrees video and audio and take control of the entire environment. You can adopt the vTime feature, share photos of your travels, capture your hotel room’s image, and be part of the photograph.

From Conversation to the First Date

Here are some ideas for first dates during this pandemic;

  • Watch movies using Netflix Party – If you’ve been on quarantine and have not attempted a Netflix party, this is the right time. It is a browser extension that enables you and your date to watch movies concurrently and discuss its details in your browser. Also, a movie choice speaks more about a person.
  • Take online classes together – There are plenty of digital classes available – from pasta making to mixology. Select a class that you’ve always admired to undertake and let you and your date sign up together. Or, if you’re perfect at a specific skill, use this chance to teach your date through a video call.
  • Work out online together – Sweating during a workout is a perfect way to increase your heartbeat with your date. Most gyms have transitioned online, so check local studios for their programs. Again, there are thousands of free classes on youtube.

If you’re at home and have plenty of time and are thinking It’s time to find love. Identify whether you’re seeking love because you have plenty of time, or you desire it because you want to.