Tips for boosting intimate relationships leading to a healthier life.

Women are very sensitive species. They feel almost anything that surrounds them, and honestly speaking, they are more emotional than their male counterparts.

When it comes to sex, women feel in-depth in making the act as enjoyable as it is. If their partner feels just “meh” after the act, they feel less of the person they are. This sometimes leads to anxiety that their partners are not totally in it with them.

But the problem doesn’t only lie in one place, and the reason is not solely to blame for the male species.

Sometimes, the problem is with women themselves. It’s true that sex is a valuable factor in a person’s life. Some consider it sacred, while others enjoy it casually.

We don’t raise any argument on that since that all depends on every individuals’ preference.

However, women’s’ desire to have a happy and healthier sex life solely does not rely on their performance in the bedroom or their partners’ performance.

If you’re thinking about what you (yes, you) need to do to have a happy and healthier sex life, well, here are the top factors that you should consider to achieve it.

1. Define what you “do” and “don’t” like in the bedroom.

A couple should enjoy sex, that’s why you must know what you want or don’t want to happen in the bedroom.

It starts from a simple question you can ask yourself, “Do I want longer foreplay?”, “What kind of foreplay do I love the most?”. Or statements like, “I want my partner to use DOXY vibrator“, or “I want to play my fantasy sex.”

It would be best if you were straight-forward in defining what you like and don’t like to happen. This way, your partner will also know what to do to make you feel better and avoid things that make you feel uncomfortable.

According to Dr. Ian Kerner, a psychotherapist and sex therapist based in New York, all of this information is vital for achieving a happy sex life.

If telling your partner something that you don’t like may feel like an odd and awkward thing to share, you can build up the communication that will lead you to share the things you don’t like comfortably.

You can initiate and open the subject of using “safe words” during sex. That way, your partner will know what are the things that you’re not comfortable doing but still in a subtle and sexy way.

2. Communicating can help you address inner-self issues.

Women are highly sensitive to their body changes. Some women feel intimidated by other women having a sexier body- bigger busts, peachy, curvy, and other things they don’t have.

Also, women experience a lot of body changes during the menopausal stage, such as hot flushes. These issues can affect a lot of women’s confidence in the bedroom.

One way to help resolve this issue is to discuss it with your partner.

Communication in a relationship is highly recommended. Talk it out with your partner and let them know about these inner-self issues that you are currently facing.

This way, your partner will understand you more and make some adjustments, such as rescheduling the intimate nights on days that you’re more comfortable with yourself. Or you might find yourself being complimented by your partner to boost your self-confidence that you’re beautiful and attractive whatever body type you do have.

3. Experimenting is not bad.

Are you holding back in using that sex toy sleeping in your bedside drawer? Now is the perfect time to use it.

Are you hesitating or nervous about using it for the first time? It’s perfectly normal, and experimentation in bed is not a bad thing. As long as your partner permits and agrees to use it, then why not?

Hear it from the expert, a resident sexologist of Astroglide, Dr. Jess O’Reilly, there’s no universal rule for you to enjoy happy sex life. Try anything you want, as long as it’s safe, clean, and agreed upon with your special someone.

If your partner offers to use a sex toy for the first time, don’t reject the idea right away. You might be missing some intricacies it offers.

Build up your courage and confidence but be open with new ideas that will contribute to you to have a happy sex life.

4. Check what you eat.

As the famous saying goes, “you are what you eat.” That’s why it pays a lot to check what you’re stuffing your mouth with.

To achieve a healthier sex life, invest in foods that boost and improve your sexual performance.

Eating foods with phytonutrients can boost your libido; if you personally like watermelon, it’s time to fill your fridge with it.

If you want to enjoy longer sex, eat up foods that will help you keep your stamina and blood circulation.

5. Be the “Initiator”.

We always like to think that initiating sex is like a men’s responsibility- it’s not. Initiating sex is not either responsibility of men or women, it’s not a gender-specific task. It’s not bad for women to initiate sex.

If you want it, you can do it. Invite your partner to have an intimate moment with you.

You can slowly tease them by putting sexy lingerie on, or giving hints like lingering body touch or planning a date night. This is also an excellent way to show to your partner that you want something to happen.

There’s a clear understanding of what you want to happen. Don’t be afraid to jump out in the open and present yourself. If you want it, make it happen. This is why it’s important to know what you want (see number 1).


There’s no specific ingredient or secret in achieving a happy and healthy sex life, but there are things you can do to achieve it.

While some of the things that we have listed down might feel a little odd for you, it’s a good stepping stone to discover things you can do yourself.

Sex should be enjoyed and should not feel like a chore to be done regularly with your partner.

Give sex a higher value, and you’ll realize that it’s more than an intimate act- it’s a connection with your partner and with yourself.