10 Reasons Why Online Dating Is Still Worth Considering

I strongly believe that online dating should be considered as a secondary route when it comes to meeting women. It should only be viewed as an investment in easy lays rather than something more substantial. Also if you’re using this sort of medium to meet some lovely ladies, never use it more than an hour every other day.

Online dating is pretty straight forward, you should create your internet profile and hit on the hottest girls on there and wait to see if anything bites, if many of them bite, use a spreadsheet like that guy from New York that got his spreadsheet viral after a date with a girl.

If you’re completely against internet dating, here are 10 reasons why it’s worth considering.

1. Easy way to find your type

Technology has made some serious advancements and they can be seen in internet dating. Dating sites provide customers with very comprehensive search features that offer results that are very compatible to your personality. This means instead of chatting up 10 girls you might not like, you can do a quick search and land 10 results that match.

Such algorithms are the reasons why so many people that meet online end up having a long term relationship.

2. Can hit on large amounts of women in a very short amount of time

If you find yourself without much time on your hands but love to hit on a bunch of women, online dating provides you with this opportunity. You can hit on girls from work or anywhere else and use your free time to hit on girls in real life.

Now I’m not saying to spend your whole working day hitting on girls online but with moderation you can hit on at least 10 girls within 20 minutes.

3. Nobody knows how bad you suck

Unlike the typical bar scenario where you approach a girl, she gives you the finger and all your friends start laughing, you friends will only hear about what you tell them. Plus if you see somebody on there that you might know, unless they expose themselves, nothing will come out.

This makes rejection incredibly easy, also if you hit on a bunch of women simultaneously you won’t even have time to feel bad about getting rejected because you’re already hitting on more women. That’s the beauty of the internet folks.

4. Turning down girls is easy

In real life, when some girls come up to you in a bar (and you don’t like them at all), you usually have to make up some crappy excuse to get out of it. If your internet dating profile is being attacked by unattractive ladies, you simply ignore all of them and you’ll never hear anything back. If you want to be a nice guy, just turn them down, at least they can’t throw their drinks in your face.

5. Porn is only a click away

Conventional dating usually has you sitting at a table somewhere, trying to impress her while she’s judging your every move. Well, on the internet if things get boring or if she starts talking about her sexy tattoo in a very naughty place…then an easy way out to enjoyment is only a mouse click away. Just give the girl a quick “brb” go have a glorious release and get ready for round 2.

I guarantee you doing this online while you’re in your bedroom is much easier than doing it in a crowded restaurant.

6. Small chances of getting your ass kicked by an angry boyfriend

When you’re approaching girls in real there’s always a chance that her bouncer boyfriend was busy guarding the door and he wants to express his masculinity and his love for her by giving you a good old fashioned smashing.

When doing this online you can immediately see their relationship status. Unless their interested in fooling around in which case their bouncer boyfriends haven’t got the slightest clue about where you are and who you are. Quite frankly if she’s on there to cheat on her boyfriend, it shouldn’t even be your problem.

7. You can be exactly who you want to be

If you find it hard to find dates in real life because you’re either socially awkward or have some sort of other issues, this can be a fantastic way to pretend you’re somebody else. Always use a picture of yourself but as far as your achievement, personality traits etc, all can be improved upon.

You might find it hard to act when you’re actually on a real date with this person but provided you had the chance to get to know her to a certain extent the whole social interaction shouldn’t be too stressful.

8. Real life dates end well

If you can convince a random woman on the internet that she should go out with you, your job is pretty much done. Provided that in most of these online situations, people spend some time chatting and getting to know each other, by the time you hit the date she’ll feel like she already knows you and would be pretty much ready to have sex with you.

Since online dating profiles are out in the open, she knows exactly what you’re looking for and you know exactly what she’s looking for. People skip the unnecessary games and get straight in to the action. That’s why internet dating is very good if you’re lazy and can’t be bothered to go out that often because it provides you with an opportunity to get your dick wet without too much effort.

9. Great way to find holiday lays

If you’re planning to visit that mate of yours in Chicago for 2 weeks, it might be a great idea to start a fling with a bunch of girls down there.  By the time you get there the ladies will feel like they already know you and it’s going to go down pretty easy.

If you’re tight with money and loose with your morals you could even use this to hook up free accommodations. Granted this is much harder to do but it’s worth a shot right?

10. Pick anything you want

Online dating can help you meet women that you would normally not have the chance, or ability to meet in your everyday life.

The internet is a great way to break social and cultural boundaries and can help you land some of the most exotic types of women. It can also get you chicks the chicks that you wouldn’t want your friend to know about…

There you have it, as bad as online dating may seem there are at least 10 reasons that make it worth considering. However, moderation is the key to success, never spend more than 1 hour every other day on dating site and also remember that the best way to meet and date women is in real life, online dating should ALWAYS be your secondary option.