Second Date Ideas that Magnetize a Guy to Pursue & Win You

Are you wondering about second date ideas that help you get to delicious third and fourth dates? Let’s say you find a new match and are definitely interested! You go out on a first date and the connection bowls you over.

There’s sympatico on all levels—mentally, spiritually and chemistry-wise. You spend a few more hours together than you planned, going for a walk on the beach or maybe sharing some coffee fudge ice cream. Then, you don’t want the date to end. But it does. With a mind-blowing kiss that feels like an electric jolt.

After that you really want awesome second date ideas. You start wondering about the best activities to do together. But you’ll be even more interested to learn that there are also powerful messages to give your new hottie that will have him begging for more!

Second Date Ideas: Activities

Let’s start with some great second date ideas in terms of activities. You want to have interaction, romance, fun, excitement and laughs. And lots of dopamine flowing. This sets the stage for falling in love. Here are some of the best second date ideas:

  • Dancing—especially in a romantic setting
  • Taking in a fabulous comedy show that will have the two of you laughing yourselves silly
  • Going to a sporting event filled with excitement
  • Participating in an escape room
  • Going to a new ethnic restaurant, perhaps an Ethiopian one where you eat with your hands
  • Watching an exciting race
  • Going to an amusement park with romantic and scary rides
  • Sharing the giggles at Karaoke
  • Going on active dates like going to the beach, roller skating, biking, hiking or skiing
  • Cooking a meal together
  • Strolling in a botanical garden

Second Date Ideas: Three Magic Sentences that Attract the Right Guy

All of these second date activities can create magical moments of shared fun, romance, excitement and a natural high. They can be great bonding experiences that solidify your interest in the new guy. You think to yourself, I really want this man to pursue and win me over. He is the One! Ok so how do you help that process along?

There are actually three magic sentences to use at the end of a second date that magnetize a guy to pursue and win you over. Thousands of women have used these sentences to optimize the chances that a new guy will want to court them. And while there are no guarantees, they do help that process along. Of course, I’m assuming you are dealing with a guy who is truly interested in exploring things with you and assuming he is a winner. These three sentences will get his appreciation for you flowing and his juices going to win you over.

At the end of the second date

1. Give the new hottie a sincere compliment.
2. You give him the news that you are taking things slow and are dating guys casually.
3. Then you repeat the compliment.

This is the most important and unique suggestion in terms of second date ideas. Now there is no lying in this communication. You want to say what is true for you in terms of how much you are enjoying him, using specifics. And hopefully, you are actually dating a few men casually. Because, given the huge numbers of online dating matches you run into, you have to take things slow to get to see where different guys stand.

So ask yourself honestly: Are they really into getting involved in a relationship? Are they really into you? And finally, are they really a great match, given your long-term goals? Because these three criteria are not always present, I advocate seeing three guys casually at the same time, with no sex. Only kissing or canoodling.

Actual Examples of Second Date Communications:

Larry, I haven’t laughed like this is years and I am having the best time with you! I can’t imagine liking anyone as much as you!
But I wanted to let you know that this time around I have to take things slow and date a few men casually.
But I am definitely having the best time laughing with you! I can’t imagine liking anyone as much as you!

Here’s another example:
Jason, I haven’t had this much fun dancing with anyone–I am having a fabulous time with you! I can’t even imagine liking anyone as much as you!
But I wanted to let you know that I’ve decided to take things slow at this time and date a few guys casually.
But I’m definitely having the best time dancing and talking with you! 

Second Date Ideas: How Do You Leave the Communication?

In these second date communications, you are showing honest appreciation and validation to the guy. BTW, which is like catnip when it flows from a woman they are interested in. Guys need this kind of input at their core. and then, they feel great being around you. In fact, when you ask a happily married man why he married his wife, he will often say “because I feel good around her.”

Then, after the validation, you share a take-away sentence, where you give him the bad news: that he has to compete with other guys to win you. This shows that you have high-value self-confidence and are not easy to get. Winners love to go for the high-level, not easily achievable goal. In relationships, that means the partner who holds herself in high esteem. And it is so important to hold yourself in high esteem, my love!

Finally, you end with a restatement of your true appreciation of how wonderful the guy is. This makes him feel great about himself and ready to do battle for you! So regardless of the activity you do together, the most important aspect of second date ideas is the key communications you share and leave him with.

What if Something Goes Wrong

If the guy caves or disappears when you give him this three-part message, it usually means that he is not that into you. Perhaps he just wanted a booty call. Or he doesn’t have enough self-esteem to hang in there and win you. Which means he would not be the kind of partner who can be active in fulfilling your needs.
If you use these messages, you will be weeding out the DUDs, i.e., the Definitely Unworkable Dudes. Which will save you tons of time and unhappiness in the future. So of all second date ideas, this is the most powerful and potent one for you to use! You deserve a guy who knows just how incredible, sparkalicous and wonderful you really are!