Cool Ways To Meet Girls Online

We’ve all heard about dating websites and how they can make the experience of dating a lot simpler by bringing girls right to your proverbial doorstep, but is this the only way of meeting girls online? If you’re trying of dating websites, you’re probably looking for other ways to connect with the fairer sex and the good news is that there are plenty of opportunities to do just that.

Online gaming

Do you like gaming? Ever played an online game where you’re up against other people in a live gaming experience? Why not use this opportunity to get to know other people – maybe even other girls? The great thing about meeting girls through this online platform is that you already have something in common.

You need to remember that, just like in the real world, not everyone is there to meet other people – some just like to play the game, and if that’s the case, you need to respect that.

On the other hand, there are games specifically designed for players to meet and date other people – this might be just the game for you if you prefer this platform to the world of traditional online dating.

Social media

Social media is all about staying connected with other people and this also means opportunities for potential dates. Whether you’re reaching out to people whose profiles titillate you, or whether you’re joining social media groups with the specific purpose of meeting other people, it’ll be a long time before your potential dating pool runs dry.     


Forums used to be all the rage about ten or twenty years ago – before social media blew up. You could find forums dedicated to just about anything and everything – including meeting singles in your area. Forums tend to be different from social media in that they tend to revolve around topics, ideas and experiences, rather than photographs, so you’re able to connect with someone on a deeper level before asking them out on a date.

Meetup groups

Meetup groups are springing up all over the world and they’re helping people connect, via the online world, to real-life experiences. Whether you are interested in doing some yoga in the park or you’re a foodie who wants to try out some international cuisine, there is something for everyone. In many instances, these aren’t specifically aimed at fostering romantic relationships, but it’s the chance to connect with other people and with that, there’s always the chance that a friendship could blossom into something more.

If you’re interested in a local meetup group, just search for them in your local area – and if there’s nothing going on, why not create a group yourself?

Online dating has changed the way we connect with each other, and while in some ways, it has made access to the dating world easier, it has also come with a unique set of challenges. How do you go about reaching out to someone online? How do you go from that to an actual date? Just like dating in the real world, it’s all about gaining some experience and keeping an open mind – the rest is up to fate.