Your Complete Online Guide to Creating the Perfect Online Dating Profile

Ever struggle with writing the perfect profile?

If you’ve ever tried a dating app or website so far, you’ll already know of the difficulties that occur when it comes to writing about yourself. Of course, first impressions count, and the way you present yourself in your profile is going to be exactly that.

With this in mind, today we’re going to explore exactly how you can write your profile to get the best matches and hopefully find the love of your life!

#1 – Spend Some Time with Yourself

If you’re serious about making an impact with your dating profile, the first thing you’ll want to do is not to jump straight into writing, but instead, spend some time thinking about yourself and who you are as an individual.

This is so important because without knowing who you are, how will you be able to write about who you are, as well as being honest with the people you meet.

#2 – Use All Online Features

While the writing aspect of your profile is important, and we’ll talk about all that more below, make sure you’re browsing the dating website you’re using and see what features it’s offering you.

In some websites, you might just have photos and a description to write out. In others, you might have further information boxes to fill out or even a survey to help users get to know you better.

#3 – Think About Your Personality

When you start to form a connection with somebody, this all revolves around their personality and their outlook on life, which is something you’re going to want to echo in your description and profile. Obviously, this can be easier said than done, so you’ll need to make sure you’re thinking about it.

Whatever you do, remember NEVER to put yourself down (you don’t want to come across in that way) and always have an optimistic outlook. After all, you are looking for someone you want to spend time with.

#4 – Talk About Yourself & What You Want

The interesting thing many people forget when it comes to writing a dating profile if you’re not only talking about yourself, but you also need to talk about what you’re looking for, so potential matches can read your profile and see if they fit.

As a rule of thumb, you’ll want to aim for around 70% talking about yourself and then 30% talking about what you want or look for in the type of person you want to meet.

#5 – Use Online Tools

Imagine you’re reading through someone’s profile and it’s full of mistakes, typos and errors. Would you want to match with them? This shows a clear lack of effort, and probably not someone you want to be with.

Even if you’re not a capable writer, there are plenty of online writing tools you can use to help you;

Study demic/ Via Writing- These are two formatting tools you can use to help structure and align your dating profile.

Essay Roo- As mentioned at Revieweal, this is a powerful online editing tool to help your sentences provide the most value.

Academ advisor- Use this website to check the grammar in your writing to make sure it’s correct.

Oxessays/ Big Assignments- Use these online proofreading tools to help you edit and correct any potential mistakes in your work.

#6 – Don’t Forget About Photos!

While the actual writing element of your profile is important, the photos you choose are equally essential, so you’ll want to be sure you’re choosing the ones that represent you in the best light. A lot of people tend to aim for generic holiday/travel photos or selfies, so maybe try and mix it up to grab someone’s attention.

#7 – Be Vulnerable

Perhaps the most important thing to remember when writing your profile is to be vulnerable. This can be difficult to do and takes a huge amount of bravery and courage, but this is the best way you’ll be able to make a genuine connection with someone.

Don’t be afraid to write about who you truly are as a human being, and definitely, don’t try to create an image of yourself being someone you’re not. It’s not always easy be open especially if you have been cheated on before, if that is the case then heydates will help you work out who is ready for a committed relationship or not.


As you can see, writing a captivating dating profile doesn’t have to be hard work or overly complicated, you just need to make sure you’re approaching it logically and honestly, as well as making sure you’re just being yourself. Good luck!