Having a date night doesn’t always mean you need to actually leave the house.

You can stay in and explore all the romantic and interesting activities you can do together at home.

Having a stay-in date night can end up being just a fun, sexy, and exciting as a night out if done right.

Read on for 10 at-home date night ideas for an evening you will both be looking forward to all day, or week.

1. Cook dinner together and dine at your own personal “restaurant”

Pull out all the stops and put together something extra special, like homemade pasta, spicy curry from scratch, or veggie-packed stir fry.

Split up the tasks, open a bottle of wine, both of you wear an apron, and put on some music to really set the mood.

You can both share in the taste tests, get suggestions on what extra spices and herbs can make it really pop, give each other cooking tips, and have a great time.

Then, set up a romantic table complete with candles to make it feel like you are at a restaurant that you have all to yourselves.

Plus, food tastes better when it is made together.

2. Have a picnic in the backyard or on the porch

If you want to stay-at-home for date night, but want a change of scene from your normal dinner table, set up a fun picnic in the backyard or porch.

Layout a blanket in the grass, or just throw a tablecloth over your patio table to set the scene.

Whip up some classic picnic fare like finger sandwiches, pasta salad, and sliced fruit, or go fancy with something found at a swanky bistro with outside seating.

Add in some lanterns or string lights to set the mood, and you are set.

This date doubles as stargazing too, so pick a clear night and linger after dinner to watch the cosmos and hang out with your favorite person.

3. Have a “home movie theater” date night

Pick out a movie you have been dying to see and set a “movie time” for the night.

Pre-show ready the couch with plenty of comfy pillows and throws to cozy it up.

Set out your favorite cinema snacks like candy, popcorn, and your favorite beverages.

Then, you can linger on the couch after the movie to discuss your favorite scenes and characters.

Another spin on movie night can be setting up a theme night complete with a dinner that goes along with the film.

Make pasta before watching The Godfather together, or whip up some ratatouille before watching, well, Ratatouille. 

4. Try out something new in the bedroom

For a saucy date night that skips right to the main event, trying out some new lingerie, cheeky toy, or sensation enhancement cream from Strut Health to make the night really stand out.

You can hint at the festivities to come throughout the day with flirty texts to build excitement and anticipation for both of you.

5. Have a taste test

Choose a few varieties of a certain food or beverage item to taste test together and gain a deeper understanding of your partner’s likes and dislikes, and have a whole lot of fun.

This can be done with craft beers, wines, chocolate, ice cream, or anything else you can think of that comes in a range of varieties and flavors.

Line up all of the contenders and taste a little of each while discussing your likes and dislikes for everyone, then rank the items from best to worst.

Bonus points if you can pick out the notes of flavors listed on the labels of the wines or craft beers.

6. Have a pizza making competition

Have an at-home pizza making competition for fun, competition, and dinner combined.

Each person starts with the same basic dough and sauce laid out, prepped and ready to go.

Then they must scour the kitchen for the most interesting and tasty topping combinations to win the pizza contest.

Choose some out of the box pizza toppings, or stick with the classics to make the tastiest pizza.

Assemble your pizza masterpieces on opposite ends of the kitchen and then cook them in the oven together.

Taste test the final pizzas and try to be objective about which one turned out the best.

7. Play a board game

Bring back the fun of board games, with a sexy date night flair.

Choose your favorite board games to play, complete with a sexy prize awarded to the winner.

Go for a long competitive game like monopoly or scrabble, or keep it fun and light with games like dominoes.

8. Paint together

Bring out your inner artists with a romantic paint night.

Set out painting supplies for each person and either both paint the fruit bowl in your kitchen, try to recreate your favorite photo of the two of you on vacation, or get intense and try to paint a portrait of the other person while sitting across from one another.

After the paint dries, you can put your paintings on the fridge for a fun date night keepsake.

9. Have a sexy spa night

Run a bubble bath, apply a face mask and pamper yourselves together.

This works best with an extra-large tub where both of you can fit at the same time, and bonus points for making the bathroom super luxe with candles, relaxing music, and your special bath bombs.

Then cozy into some plush bathrobes and cozy up together.

10. Have a two-person dance party

Who says you have to go out to dance with your beau?

Clear the furniture out of the living room, and place some mood-setting lighting around.

Dress to the nines and sashay into the living room to have a solo dance party with your partner.

Put on your favorite dance tunes, keeping it slow and sexy, or dancy and exciting.

Take a break with a cocktail on your couch and enjoy the music before hopping back onto the dancefloor.

This may become your favorite new date night dance club – no cover charge needed.