Online dating has become a common  way of finding potential partners…

Much more convenient than its real life variant. Anyhow, since the search takes place virtually, you need to be much more cautious when selecting a partner.

Many people use dating sites to create a false image of themselves in order to attract more members. Therefore, it’s crucial to learn the basics and follow some rules when becoming a member of an online platform for the first time.

These are the main things to avoid.

1. Don’t trust the profile pictures

Although the profile picture is the primary thing that attracts you to a certain person on a dating website, it doesn’t necessarily mean that this person looks the same in real life.

In fact, most of the dating sites’ members select a photo which represents them in the best light, creating a false impression for the other person behind the screen.

Moreover, make sure you don’t overemphasize the importance of the posted pictures. It’s natural to be appealed by someone else’s appearance, but don’t let it be the crucial factor that influences your opinion about your potential partner.

Dating is much more than looking pretty. It’s more about finding a partner who’s able to understand you and accept you for who you are.

Therefore, when selecting your profile picture, avoid the ones that make you look like a celebrity. Instead, choose a photograph that represents your true self, without pretending to be someone you are not.

2. Choose a paid subscription website

When looking for a dating website, you’re provided with the alternative of using a site with free or paid membership. Most people opt the former, as they’re able to use the site free of charge. However, these sites are overcrowded with members who aren’t actively using their accounts.

In case you’re looking for a serious relationship, make sure you choose a website with a paid subscription. These online platforms have fewer, but more serious members, who are genuinely searching for a soulmate.

3. Don’t skip the profile intros

Upon commencing your quest for the right online partner, make sure you read the intro of every profile that attracts your attention. Regardless of how time-consuming this activity may seem to you, it’s actually the only efficient method of narrowing down your choice as well as getting to know the person.

Actually, having a detailed look at the members’ profiles is certainly going to help you discover how much you have in common. For instance, if some of the members have listed characteristics that you find annoying or repulsive, it means that you can save the effort of contacting them and focus your search elsewhere.

Thus, the next time you intend to skip reading the intros, bear in mind that most members have spent a considerable amount of time on creating the best written representation of themselves, just like you did with yours. It’s the only valuable information you have on your potential partner, prior to taking any further step.

4. Don’t lengthen the communication process

Once you commence chatting with your potential partner, make sure you don’t keep the message communication more than a few days. Chatting is an excellent communication starter method, but it shouldn’t be overused.

In fact, after the exchange of initial messages, it’s logical to move the conversation to the next level, over the phone. Having a chat with someone on the phone, creates a completely different impression than the one you get from the messages.

Anyhow, the phone conversation should serve as a means of arranging a date to meet in person. It’s in your best interest to meet the potential partners as soon as possible, so as to not waste time on a non-compatible person. Online dating requires much more time, which is why you need to speed things up.

Wrap up

In order to find your soulmate on a dating platform, you need to be realistic, cautious and quick-acting.

Give it a try!