What your first date outfit says about you

Whether it’s a knock out frock or your favourite flats, the simple matter of what you wear can tell your date a lot about you before you even open your mouth, in real life and in the photos you use on dating sites.
Your outfit gives an indication about your character and lifestyle, so read our words of wisdom to make sure your clothes are saying the right things about you.


The beauty of a pair of jeans is that they can be worn on almost any occasion; dress them up with cute shoes and a glitzy belt and your outfit will let your date know that you’re confident and sassy.
Alternatively, for a more casual date, team your jeans with pumps or cool trainers like Converse – this will show you’re comfortable in your own skin.
What’s more, a well-fitting pair of jeans can be really flattering and hide a multitude of sins! And, perhaps more importantly, it’s no secret that men love ladies in jeans. Take a look at Mrs Beckham for top jeans-piration!


Wear heels on a dinner or drinks date and it will show you like to look and feel good.
Heels are great for lengthening those pins and can boost your confidence in an instant – so long as you’re able to walk in them.
But heels are not ideal for some dates. While you might look stunning in your favourite skyscraper shoes, you may struggle on a country ramble or more adventurous date. And, if they’re not appropriate for the type of date you’re going on, your high heels could make you look a little high maintenance.


Wearing a dress you love is a great way to show off your personal style. A pretty, floaty dress says: “fun, friendly and feminine”, while a tight-fitting bodycon shows you’re comfortable in your own skin.
If you’re not sure about which style of dress is the most flattering, play it safe with an LBD (little black dress). An LBD works for any occasion as it can be dressed up or down.


Just like your clothes, make-up can be an extension of your personality, but it’s important to strike the right balance.
Go too glam and your date may worry that, if you do get together, they’ll end up waiting for hours for you to get ready each night!
For the first date, go for a natural look with a touch of glamour; this amount of make-up will accentuate your natural beauty and show the true you.