How To Start A Conversation With Your Crush

It is not easy to start a conversation with your crush right? Most of the time, you’ll just be dreaming that you already had a conversation with him.

Okay first let me ask you first, who’s here have this kind of dream or fantasy about their crush? When you read the phrase below, you will think that “oh… this is quite similar to mine.”

That day, was the best moment ever!

I have finally found a light that can drive out the darkness of my life.

The light that makes my heart goes crazy whenever I bump into him. His captivating smile has melted my wall and let my guard down. Thinking of him is now my favorite daydream.   

That day,

Was the day that I met my lovely crush.

At least once in a lifetime, we might have a strong attraction or crush towards someone. The way they walk, talk, smile, and even their appearance make us admired them intensely. We smile broadly and feel happy even though we just see them from afar.

A crush is a feeling of love and admiration for someone. It is often for someone who you know that you cannot have a relationship with. But if you are lucky enough, your crush might like you back. When two people have affection towards each other, then it is love.

Although it rarely occurs, there are several ways to catch your crush attention.

1# Conversation is the key

The first time is always the awkward one, but there is always a first time for everything. Wait for the right moment and place to start a conversation with your crush. Brave yourself to talk with your crush so that he or she will notice your presence.

A good conversation will leave a good impression and make them want to talk to you more. But the real question is, how to start a good conversation?

This is where you need to do some homework. Digging useful information about them can be very helpful, you can find out their hobbies, their interest, or anything related. Then you can use that knowledge to your advantage.

Make sure to start a conversation when both of you are free, at least a few minutes of conversation. That is why I said waiting for the right moment and suitable place is essential.

2# Start with a text message

Nowadays, sending a text message is an approachable and casual way to start a conversation with your crush. Texting is a lot less nerve-wracking compare to face-to-face conversations. So take a deep breath, take your time, and summon your courage to say the perfect things to him.

The other good things about text message are, you can plan what you are going to say and you also can re-check your message before you hit the send button. The barrier itself can allow you to be more open than you’re in person.

3# Plan your strategy

This is part of the plan that I mentioned in point number 1. For me, having a proper plan before you start a conversation with your crush will help you achieve your objective by the end of the conversation.

Choose your topic wisely and arrange your questions to ensure the coherence of the conversation. Questions that are too personal will put them in an uncomfortable situation. A short question causes boredom, while a long conversation might annoy them.

4# Do not rush in expressing your feeling

Expressing your feeling too early might make them reject you. Sudden confession causes them to be startled and cut off contact. That is why you should not rush in expressing your feeling. Remember, good things take time, the same goes for your relationship.

Sometimes you have to hold back expressing your feeling because the situation requires you to do so. Take the time you need to develop the feeling. It is very significant to make them feel comfortable with you. When the time is right, you can tell your crush about your true intention.

5# Observe their reaction

Oberserving your crush reaction is essential.

After you already start a conversation with your crush, it is time to observe their reaction. By observing their action and reaction, you can determine whether they have an interest in you or not and plan ahead for your next step.

If their reply is too short or it looks like want to end the conversation, you better take a break. It could be because they are busy or not in a good mood. Do not push them because its look like you are too desperate.

In contrast, if their responses are positive by asking you question such as ‘what are doing?’ It’s mean that they are enjoying talking to you. So grab this chance to know them better. Avoid from ending the conversation, let them end it.

After you are confident enough find a suitable chance for you to confess.

6# Be sympathetic

True crush means you know them like the palm of your hand. Your crush sometime might have a very bad day. Then, that is the time when you text something to console or cheer them up just to show them that you care.

Good luck in confessing to your crush. And well done if you already catch their heart.

On the other hand, if you got rejected by your crush, don’t worry they are plenty of fish in the sea. So who knows you might catch a big one later on. Cheers!