12 Cheap Date Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

It’s common when dating to want to impress your partner with expensive restaurants and exciting experiences, especially at the beginning, most of which end up making a dent in your bank account. Following saving tips isn’t always easy when dating and you want to make the best possible impression. Even so, there’s no need to break the bank. There’s a lot you can do, wherever you are, to have fun with your date without burning a hole through your wallet.

Here are some cheap date ideas that are practically free

Pack a Picnic

It’s a cheap, cheerful classic, but for a reason! Throw together some sandwiches, grab some drinks and head to a park, river bank or garden. It’s perfect for getting some fresh air and spending quality time with your date or partner.

Go for a drive

Perfect for those with a sense of adventure. Get in your car and explore, whether or not you have a specific destination in mind. If you live in a city, drive out of town to see what the countryside has to offer. Often the most spontaneous plans are the most rewarding, so don’t plan too much!


Cliché? Maybe. Still romantic? Of course! Even if you know nothing about astronomy, an evening under the stars is a free and cosy option. Don’t forget the blankets and hot drinks!

Massages at home

You probably already have everything you need at home for this: lotion, a pair of hands and another person! There are lots of videos online explaining how to give a relaxing massage, and it’s easy to learn. You can take it to another level with candles, soothing music and scented oils for a spa-like vibe.

Game night

This is a great cheap date idea if you’re after a cosy night in and good old-fashioned fun. There are endless options. Bust out the classics like Jenga, card games or Scrabble, or turn to newer games like Cards Against Humanity, or even video games. You can even make it couple-oriented by playing couples trivia.

Cooking together

For the aspiring chefs amongst you, cooking at home saves money as well as serving to impress your partner (if all goes well!). Either cook together, or if the both of you enjoy cooking, hold a cook-off. You end up with (hopefully) delicious food without spending lots of money.

Moving on to activities which you have to pay for, but are still cheap date ideas

Hire a bike

Most cities will offer bike ride tours, or have bikes to hire which you and your partner can enjoy. Hiring in London can be as cheap as £2! Bring some snacks and drinks to keep you energised, and make sure you have plenty of stops to take in the sights.

Walking tour

Stretch those legs! Most towns and cities will offer these, and they aren’t very expensive. In fact, in many places you can go on a free walking tour – just tip the guide what you think they deserve at the end. You’re guaranteed to find out a new fact about the place you call home.


Whilst the idea of singing in front of strangers, let alone in front of a date or partner, is a lot of people’s idea of a nightmare, this is a fun way to pass the evening. It might not be everybody’s cup of tea, but it can certainly provide a hilarious night if that’s what you’re after.

Stand-up comedy night

Amateur comedy nights most often are very cheap, and are great if you’re looking for something different. Yes, you run the chance of cringing through a bad act, but it’s all part of the experience!


For some retro fun, head to an arcade. A lot of bowling alleys have arcades attached, meaning you have even more options. Let that competitive streak shine!

Trivia night at a local pub

A super fun activity for most, as there’s almost always a category for everyone at a pub quiz. It’s the perfect opportunity to flaunt any bits of general knowledge you’ve acquired. Most pub quizzes aren’t too expensive to join, and you can easily keep the cost down by drinking less or sticking to the soft drinks.