How To Let Him Know You Like Him

In the early stages of dating it can be difficult to decide if and how to let your date know you like him. Should you suggest a second date or play it cool?

Fret no more. We’ve done the research and have gathered some top dating advice for women who want to let that certain someone know how they feel!

Don’t play hard to get

The myth that “men like women who play hard to get” has time and time again been exposed as a big fat fib. Of course, some men love the thrill of the chase when dating a woman, but what most men would really like is someone they feel comfortable with, can be themselves around and who will like them for who they really are.

A prime piece of dating advice for women to bear in mind is to stay true to yourself when dating someone and if you feel the urge to tell someone you like them – tell them!

Make an effort

If you’re feeling good, it’s more than likely that you’re looking good too and are therefore far more likely to radiate a positive vibe throughout your date.

Aside from this, if you’re looking confident and well turned out, your new man will pick up on the fact that you’ve made a big effort to look good for him, and will want to reciprocate.

Show you care

If the man you’re dating has a big football match, interview or important work presentation coming up, drop him and text or give him a call to wish him “good luck”.

Contacting the man you’re dating ahead of a big event in his life will show that you’ve listened to him in past conversations, you genuinely care and that you’re thinking of him.

Compliment him

If you actually really love his jacket, tell him so. If you think his jokes are hilarious, let him know. When dating, compliments should be given sparingly but truthfully.

However, too many compliments and you could come across as being false. Really think before you speak and make sure what you say is genuine, so your date will truly know how you feel.

But if you don’t like him…

A must-have bit of dating advice for women is if you’re not keen on the man – let him know. It is much kinder to be honest early on, rather than run the risk of leading him on to believe the two of you are something you’re not.