4 Ways To Flirt Anywhere Anytime

There’s something about flirting, isn’t there? It’s fun, necessary even, and yet so often it is situation specific. Dancing at a club, drinking at a bar…asking a girl how much she can squat at the gym (not a great tactic, by the way). So much of the romance dance is situation dependent. But what about all-purpose flirtation? What about techniques that are great for nearly any occasion? You need something you can bust out anywhere, any time, and we’ve got you covered with our list of Four Ways to Flirt Anywhere Anytime!

1. The Compliment.

Listen up, fellas: Ladies love compliments. They thrive on them. The pillars of female existence are shoes, moisturizer, and compliments. And there’s almost nothing better than a slick compliment to start a conversation, or end a conversation, or at any point in between. Now, you probably don’t want to breathe all heavy and pant “you’re so sexy” in a low voice. It’s creepy. But telling her you like her shoes, nail polish, smile, even her laugh? Much better options, and they’re all appropriate for use anywhere.

2. The Rescue.

It’s on here because it works, as corny as it sounds. If a woman is being hit on by a guy who she clearly has no interest in, or worse, is being outright harassed, do her a solid. Step up to the plate. Shoo the guy away by pretending you’re a boyfriend. Tell him outright to scram, if you feel it’s necessary. Or just engage her in polite small talk, making it clear that you’re trying to bail her out. She’ll appreciate it and warm to you immediately, and that’s game points for you!

3. The Joke.

Laughter is huge when it comes to flirting, It’s paramount, critical…you get the idea. But, you have to be careful here. Just because it’s funny to you and your friends does not mean it’s a useful flirtation tactic. You need to choose a tasteful, hopefully clever, and short joke. You can even make a witty remark about your surroundings, not necessarily to her, but within earshot. If she smiles that beautiful, genuine lady smile, you’re in there. And unless you’re hanging out in a jet hangar, she should be able to hear you fine, making it appropriate anywhere.

4. The Insightful Comment.

Smart is sexy, ask any woman. It pays to know more than just batting averages, quarterback ratings, and the layout to every “Modern Warfare” map. But how to put that other knowledge into practice when it comes to the art of flirting? With the insightful comment. Using an advanced technique involving “ear hustling,” listen in a little to her conversation with her friends. If she’s alone, reading on her Nook, try and glean the subject. When the appropriate moment arises, quickly lean in and offer your pearl of wisdom. Then boom! Fade away. IF you were successful she’ll come to you.