8 Tips For A Successful Blind Date

A blind date is a social relationship where two people who have not met before agree to meet by a mutual acquaintance for purposes best known them. Usually, the underlying reason is hoping to start a romantic affair.

A blind dating could originate as a mutual consent between strangers as arranged by a matchmaker who could be a family, a friend or a dating service; it could also through the social media, the modern way, hence it’s going to be your exciting first date.

Depending on what transpired at such meeting, the relationship may blossom to become a regular affair, or it may end at that. The reason for going on a blind date differs from person to person, and as a result, we advise people going on a date to follow the blind dating tips below:

Tips for blind date

  1. Make it a neutral place. As mentioned above, the individuals involved in a blind date have their reasons. Since you do not know the real purpose of your would be date, you have to think safety and never accept a date fixed for an unknown place.
  2. Plan ahead. Date often arises at the instance of one of the dates. But while arranging for the date, you need to have an idea of what would happen at the event. On the other hand, if you are not the planner of the date, you should ask to know the plan for the day and prepare for it if you accept.
  3. Dress well but don’t overdo it. It’s a blind date and not a wedding ceremony, so be moderate. The important thing is to be yourself and not be deceptive that may put you in a bind in the future.
  4. Be Punctual. Getting to the venue, of course, a public place, it best for you to get settled and make yourself comfortable before your date arrives.
  5. Just relax. It’s not a job interview, you are meeting a friend, so relax and be yourself. If you are there to know this person, being tensed up won’t help you get the information you are there to get and would become a futile effort.
  6. Be social, but not too personal. Great conversation makes a date sweet and fun; you want to be an outgoing personality and not a dull, boring fellow sharing a table.
  7. Don’t raise your expectation. The best attitude to a blind date is to play down on your expectation and take things as it comes. The truth is, there is the likelihood the person you are meeting is tensed up, and that would affect his or her flexibility to create the right atmosphere you need.
  8. Learn more about your date before the day. Good for you if you met on social media, that means you have been chatting, and you know a little about him or her. But if you have been set up for this, find out a bit from your matchmaker to get more information.

My parting advice before your date is giving your final verdict before leaving the date venue. If it’s a romantic date and you feel you can’t continue, don’t put your date in suspense, say you mind before leaving. If affirmative, let dating partner know your decision.