7 Vastly Important Online Dating Tips for Women You Should Know

While most of us are familiar with online dating websites, many still don’t recognize their power. Over the years, they have evolved, revamped their features, and became awesome tools for meeting your significant other. With all the changes made, there has been a complete overhaul of rules. To maximize your chances of meeting a guy, take a look at some of the most important online dating tips for women.

1. Sign Up for an Online Dating Site

Before you jump into the first dating site, I suggest that you do some research. While most of them are the same, there are still some subtle differences that will impact your experience. For starters, look up some reviews left by the users of the site. See what other people say about it and what are the caveats you might expect.

To distinguish a bad website from a good one, check if they have a blog. The blog in itself can be super useful. Last time I visited a blog, I got to read a nice dating guide for woman. Anyways, check if there is one. Also, see if they have a customer support and how many users are online.

2. Have a Sense of Humor

Once you’ve found a good site, fill in your profile with some nice info about you. From my experience, it’s better to add a little touch of humor to it. You don’t have to horse around all the time but cracking a good joke where needed will definitely boost your chances. Although, keep in mind that you should be honest at all times. Jokes shouldn’t create a false impression of you as a person because lying will only get you so far. Thus, the key take-outs from this part: try to be honest, don’t be too flashy, and make your page a little bit funny. But just a little. Grown-ups don’t fall for clowns.

3. Never Lie On Your Profile

I couldn’t stress it more. As most online dating tips for women articles suggest, don’t lie on your profile. While slashing a year or two of your age is not so bad, putting someone else’s picture is a no-go. These days, people have the means to identify whether the picture you’ve uploaded was taken by you or come from Google. Also, be honest with your potential partner. Don’t say that you don’t really care for music when you can easily tell which note was played on 88-key classic piano board, as well as don’t say you love walks in the park when you’re allergic to pollen. Just be yourself and everything will be okay.

4. Be Safe

Here’s an important one, online dating for women can be both safe and dangerous. You see, anything can happen when you are on a date with a stranger. So if you land a date, don’t schedule it where you live. Try and pick a place that would be perfect for escape, from where you can easily grab a cab, walk back home, etc. Another thing to remember is that you should always notify someone about your whereabouts. Once everything is taken care of, you are free to go.

5. Keep an Open Mind

Every one of us has a set of  “don’t you dare to violate” first-date rules. While it’s good to keep everything under control, be more adventurous (as long as it’s in the legal line). Don’t be afraid to give him your phone number, kiss him on the first date if your heart tells you that this is the right call. No matter what article you’ve read, no matter what online dating tips for women you found, just do what feels right.

6. Keep Messages Short

No online dating tips for women are complete without messaging advice. It’s better to keep it short and simple. I’ve seen cases where people went head-on with their vocabulary and shared half of their life in one text. Don’t do that, nobody will read it. Things like that are better spoken than written. Instead, try and show that you are paying attention to his profile. Start with something like this:

  1. Hey John, I see you’ve visited Rome, how was it?
  2. Hi John, I like hiking too, have you tried to top Harding Icefield Trail?

These messages get his attention, keep the conversation going, and show your interest in his persona.

7. Take it Offline as Soon as Possible

For many, this is the hardest part. Taking it offline can be a challenge but don’t be afraid to push it when the time is right. People love face-to-face communication for good reasons. You get to see the person’s reaction and manners, you can identify his tastes, and you will see how he feels about you. In my humble opinion, this is the best dating tip woman can get.

We could talk all day about online dating for women but as I mentioned, nobody likes to read a wall of text. Keep things simple, be safe, and try to take it offline asap. These are perhaps the most crucial tips you need to know. I hope my insight will help you find someone truly special.