How Do I Get a Girlfriend? (Proven Tips)

This is a question that is asked by boys and men from the age of sixteen until marriage – sometimes even after marriage. “How do I get a girlfriend?” How many fathers around the planet have heard their son or sons ask that question? Hundreds, I’m sure. So, for all you girlfriend hunting boys out there, let me give you my ideas on how to find a hot girl in your young life.

Tip #1.

If you’re able to drink, head to singles bars; ideally bars with live music. Music and booze will relax you and soften you inhibitions. If you go to one of these places with friends, make sure your friends aren’t the rowdy, out-of-control types.

You’re not going to meet any nice girls if your friends are acting like idiots in the bar. Once you enter the place, get yourself a drink and stand somewhere where you can observe the entire room.

In other words, be a little like Wild Bill Hickok and keep your back to the wall. From your standing position, you will be able to check out the girls in the bar. Drink slowly – take your time. You don’t want to be drunk when you see a girl you want to meet.

Tip #2.

Once you have zeroed in on a girl that takes your fancy, make your way toward her. If she is with friends, don’t blunder into her conversation; stand back and bide your time until an opportunity presents itself.

At some point she is going to be alone for some reason – a friend has gone to the bar or she just come back from the restrooms. This is when you make your move. Saunter up to her and make some excuse to speak. Say something like, “Excuse me, is this band new in town. I’ve never seen them before.”

She will respond accordingly. If she smiles at you, smile back and introduce yourself. If she’s interested, she’ll tell you her name also. When her friend returns, step back and smile at the friend.

Girls who go out with friends always want their friend included. Stay where you are listening to the music and occasionally chat with both girls. When you notice both girls have finished their drinks, offer to buy them another. If both nod and you can bet they will, you’re half way into a relationship with the girl you like.

Tip #3.

If the evening has gone well and you haven’t made an ass of yourself getting drunk and falling over tables or anything, you can pretty much guarantee that you’ll be able to get the girl’s phone number or email address.

Tell her you’ll email or text her the next day. If she nods and says, “Great!” then you’re in. On the other hand, she may make you wait by saying, “Actually tomorrow is not good. Give me a call on Sunday.” This usually means she doesn’t want you to think she is easy.

Tip #4.

Your first date is probably the most important. You cannot screw it up. The most common first date is to go to a movie together. This is fine so long as you take her to a movie that she wants to see.

Taking a girl on the first date to a horror movie, will pretty much end the evening early unless, of course, she wants to see this horror movie. Most girls want to watch chick flicks – love stories or family tragedies; the kinds of movies that’ll make her cry or feel happy.

Comedy movies are also good as long as it is good comedy. Once this first date is over and things went extremely well you can pretty much guarantee there will be a second date, third date and fourth which means you now have a girlfriend. Indeed once, you have a girlfriend you’ll be able to advise your friends when they ask, “How do I get a girlfriend?”