5 Secret Ways to Make a Hot Girl Like You

Keen on a hot girl in your social circle? Now I’m going to share five ways to attract a hot girl. You’re welcome.

1. Showcase your exciting lifestyle that she wants to be a part of

Nowadays you can use Instagram/Facebook to showcase your very exciting lifestyle under the radar. On your social media, you should totally post your photos when you go out for dinner parties, go to the movies or visit an exotic place for a holiday! Even though she is a hot girl, her attractiveness can’t guarantee an exciting way of life, so she’ll want to join your quality life.

2. Create opportunities to encounter her “accidentally”

If you know where she lives/where she works, you should organize your activities in those areas frequently so you can “accidentally” run into her. She will say, “That must be serendipity!”

3. Find excuses to physically escalate on her in a social setting

Let’s say you and this girl are at a party. When you pass her a drink, your fingers should “accidentally” touch her hand. When you say something to her near her ear because the music is too loud, your lips should “accidentally” touch her ear.

4. Get a wing woman

You would be well-advised to get a wing woman to help you. Better still, you may find more than one wing woman so that your perceived value will increase automatically. In other words, when the hot girl sees that you’re hanging out with other attractive women, your value increases in her eyes.

5. Ask your wing-woman to introduce you to this hot girl.

Your wing woman can say this to the hot girl,

You and John are the perfect match!”