Is He Into You? The Key Signs to Look for!

Is He Into You?

Are you wondering “is he into you?” Sometimes it seems like he is. Other times you just don’t know. You keeping looking for signs and analyze what he does and says. You try to get him to call.

Here’s the thing:

When a guy is into you… it’s obvious. This is especially the case with guys who want and are ready for a truly loving, healthy partnership. There are NO mixed messages, no hidden meanings, no need to wonder.

I know, what I’m telling you isn’t rocket science. You’ve probably heard it before: When he’s really into you, you won’t have to second-guess.
It may just seem like a foreign concept because you may be so used to settling for crumbs or dating men who disappear. You may be so hopeful that he’ll step up or come back that you can’t help but analyze every little thing.

14 key and CLEAR signs to watch for and to answer the question: Is he into you?

While no guy will have all of them, a great guy who is a contender for your heart will have most of these signs. And things should get better and better with him over time.

Sign 1.

He is eager to see you. Won’t leave you hanging wondering if he’s still alive. He will plan dates and see you often. Sure, he might have an occasional work conflict, but he won’t make excuses that he is busy for days, weeks, etc.

Sign 2.

He wants regular contact. A guy who is into you will be in touch often in between dates. He won’t let days go by without contact.

Sign 3.

He wants to please you. A guy who is into you will do his best to please you. He’ll want to know what type of restaurant you like, what kinds of food you like, what you like in bed and more. He’ll offer to pick you up and will many times go out of his way to please you with thoughtful gestures.

Sign 4.

He listens and pays attention to details. He’ll remember the funny story you told him or your favorite author. Of course, we all have moments of forgetfulness but you should be impressed about the little things he remembers.

Sign 5.

He is reluctant to leave you. A guy who is into you will want to be around you! He’ll see you often and won’t cut dates short. He’ll linger on the phone, and show up at your door promptly.

Sign 6.

He is consistent. A guy who is into you won’t let days or weeks go back without seeing you. He’ll see you as often as possible.

Sign 7.

He wants to be helpful in ways that meet your needs. A man who is into you will go out of his way to meet your needs. If you bring up that something is bothering you, he’ll be there.

Sign 8.

He is verbally and physically affectionate. A guy who is into you will make excuses to touch you. He may rub your back, put his arm around you or touch your leg. He’ll want to be close and want the world to know! He’ll want to be sexual with you.

Sign 9.

He respects you and your boundaries. When a good guy is into you, he will respect your boundaries. He won’t push for sex or guilt trip you into doing something you don’t want to do.

Sign 10.

He will become more and more open to sharing his physical space with you. As time goes by, he will give you a drawer to keep things at his place, offer to rearrange things so that they work for you, etc..

Sign 11.

He acts like you are very special and doesn’t want to date others. A man who is into you will treat you like you’re important. As more dates go by, he won’t want to keep his options open.

Sign 12.

He will become more open to introducing you to and spending time together with his friends and his family. He won’t keep you a secret! As more dates go by, he’ll open his life up to you.

Sign 13.

He will say he loves you.

Sign 14.

He will say he wants a future with you and as time goes by, actively plan that future.

Stop Wondering and Ask for Help

There you have it! Fourteen clear signs to answer the question, “is he into you?” You deserve a man who truly appreciates and cherishes you and doesn’t leave you guessing about his feelings or commitment. Don’t quit before the miracle of true love comes into your life.