10 Simple Ways to Impress a Girl

How to Impress a Girl?

Everyone is excited about their first day at college, well who doesn’t? And if you are a guy and you are single, the excitement level inside you gets way beyond. It may be that you eyes got stuck on a girl and you fell in love with her. The feeling is great but why did you fell in love with her? It can be anything. I fell in love with her when I saw her hairs which were shinning as sunshine and the amusing things she did. If you had set yourself on a fixed path and that to marry her, then it may need a lot of effort. While going for her you may seem like a desperate and that can make her to dislike you. Moreover do not embarrass her in front of your friends or her friends; it may end up losing her forever. Here are some tips, simple Ways to impress a girl.

10 Simple Ways to Impress a Girl or Become a Lover

1. Be genuine and be yourself

The first way to impress a girl is to be genuine, think of it like this, that why should she choose you among hundreds and thousands of other guys. First note the points you are good at and next sort out the points you are best at and try to be perfect what you do best. Once she recognises your talent and sees that you are different from others then obviously she will have some feelings for you. And also try to be yourself. While impressing a girl you try to do things you think will impress her, but the fact is she will not even care if you go out of your league. A girl nowadays doesn’t care about good looks and all, rather then they fall in love with the inner beauty. So if you have uniqueness, definitely she will have something for you.

2. Don’t be desperate

Don’t go for the girl of your life, like a crazy as it will make you look like a cheap. Not only girls but boys also do not like desperate persons. So if you are being desperate for example like if she is not interested in something you want her to do, don’t force her. If you go beyond saying the same thing over and over again, you may end up losing her attention as this will make you look like a desperate guy.

3. Be confident and but don’t overdo

Girls like guys who are confident and have charge of their own lives. Suppose you are to approach a girl and all you do is end up in silence, she may get down by this and it may lead to a bad impression. Always remember that the first impression is very important. If she notices you and the first impression of yourself is very good then chances are she will get impress very quickly but if that is not the case then you will have to do a lot of hard work.

4. Try to be her good friend

The key to a girl’s heart is by being her friend. Be her friend lie she shares her good and bad moments, shares her secrets and build a trust in you. If you are that person who got the opportunity to hear her deepest secrets then congratulation you are one step closer in impressing her. But don’t get friend zoned. If she ever asks you to do her stuffs, do it in such a way that she doesn’t think that you are one of her friend and that you are more than that.

5. Respect her friends and impress her friend circle

One way to impress a girl is by impressing her friend circle. Choose those friends which are closer to her and impress them by helping them and doing well. If they see some good in you then they will obviously tell her about what good you have done and ultimately she will have a good vibe for you. Try to enter more and more in her friend circles but don’t let them understand that you are entering their friend circle because it may end you up in a bad situation.

6. Don’t show off your money or status

Try not to flaunt your cash or status. This not only will repel them but also will cause major damage to your reputation. The girls think that it’s alarming to be with a man who considers his Smartphone more significant than her. Instead you show off a bit your talents in such a way that she doesn’t feel you are showing off. In any case if she finds that you are showing off then it may cause serious harm to the impression you built in her for you.

7. Laughter is the best medicine

If you can make her laugh like crazy then be assured that she will be damn impressed by you. There may be worst of things happened to her and she may be finding some happiness. In that case if you are with her and is making her smile then she is falling for you definitely. Actually whenever someone laughs, there is hormonal release in the brain and the one who is making you laugh will make a special place in your brain. So whatever you do, first of all try to make her laugh. Built a strong sense of humour and let her get impressed by you effortlessly.

8. Be well cleaned and groomed all the time

Try to be hygienic all the time; it has been proven that maximum girls like those guys who smell good. Try to do your nails, take at least 1 hour to bath, condition your hair and maintain a well dressed dress code. Exercise regularly and maintain a good physique. Girl will automatically fall in love with you if they see that if you are clean and neat all the time.

9. Don’t interfere in her personal space

Everybody has a personal space and girls maintain their personal space and give much importance to it. If you tell her what to do and what not to then she may end up disliking you, rather let her do what she likes. When she will see you like what she does then obviously she will have a special space for you in her heart.

10. Don’t be a cry baby

Girls like those who are strong and not those who complain and cry all the time. So rather than complaining about something try to get deep in the situation first and try to handle the situation in a cold fashion. When she sees your problem solving ability, she may generate more interest in you.
It may be possible that after doing all these also you are not able to get her, because sometimes she may be in love with someone else. In that case leave her and let the flow do the entire thing. It is also fairly possible that you may end up with her in near future or someone like her with the same qualities.