4 Things You Should Avoid Doing on Dating Apps

Dating apps and sites such as Tinder, Badoo, Well Hello, and others are getting more and more popular nowadays. Especially in the time of isolation, meeting someone online has become almost the only way to start a new relationship.

How to find yourself in the jungle of online dating? What are the things that dating app users should avoid doing? We present the four most common mistakes of online love seekers and explain why it’s best to avoid them.

1. Hiding Too Much About Yourself

The online dating environment is not the best place to share all your personal details and private fantasies, but as a love seeker, you shouldn’t hide too much either! If you don’t post a profile picture or forget to fill in the description, your profile won’t be interesting at all.

Remember that the first impression that you make on dating apps mostly depends on how your profile looks. If you don’t have a profile picture or if it’s hidden, the chances of getting spotted by an interesting person significantly decrease. It may also arouse suspicions that an account is simply fake – there have been numerous cases of such scams on dating apps.

The same goes for the description – if you don’t complete it,  you may appear mysterious and worth getting to know, but – unfortunately – in most cases, it will simply seem boring and blunt. So, if you want to get more messages and matches, simply think of a good description!

2. Being Too Direct

This may be a problem, especially for men, but women also sometimes tend to be too direct in their online communication.  Dating apps are indeed a quick way of starting new relationships, but also in this context, a little thought and consideration is not a bad idea.

Of course, spending hours writing and getting to know each other might be frustrating, but offering sex in the first message might also be inappropriate. Online dating doesn’t mean getting rid of all the flirting and seducing techniques.

It’s best to find a balance between expressing your needs and being open to the other side’s expectations. So, instead of simply offering a Netflix-and-chill evening in your place, start from a more general conversation. If there’s a connection between the two of you, it will surely result in a nice continuation!

3. Texting Everyone

Texting a huge number of people may seem tempting – online dating has made it a lot easier to maintain a few relationships at once. You can take some time and choose the one that’s the most promising and convenient for you. It’s also a great occasion to practice social skills such as starting and maintaining a conversation.

However, texting too many people at once is one of the biggest mistakes that dating app users make. Why can it be a problem? Well, the more people you text at once, the less attention you give to each person. As a result, they may feel rejected and underestimated and finish the conversation soon. What’s more, you may simply misinterpret or confuse some details, which will also harm your chances of getting to know them even better.

Above all, texting too many people can simply be overwhelming, and soon, you won’t know who to choose, or you’ll end up spending hours just with the phone in your hand.

4. Having Too High Expectations

Dating apps can help you find love, but they are also designed for people who simply want to have some fun, and aren’t looking for a serious relationship. Others only seek people to talk to, not to settle down with.

That’s why, when looking for the love of your life online, try to keep in mind that people are different, and not everyone is ready to be fully committed. If you set your expectations too high, you are likely to get hurt or insulted, even without the other side’s intention!

When dating online, it’s good to remain cautious and relaxed – the more calm and chill you will stay, the more you will attract others. It’s a simple rule – what goes around, comes around. Just relax and let it be!


Dating is a lot easier now, thanks to social media and dating apps or websites. However, it doesn’t mean that finding a significant other is a piece of cake. Dating apps still have their traps and things that you should try to avoid doing.

If you don’t want to get frustrated and rejected by other users, simply don’t get too attached at first, don’t text thousands of people at once, and avoid being too serious. What’s more, balance the information you reveal about yourself – a nice profile picture and a personal description will help a lot, but many personal details might ruin the impression. Simply relax, learn from your mistakes, observe other users, exchange experience,  and have some fun online!