Dating A Man With Kids

Four Tips for Dating A Man with Kids

Dating a man with kids can be daunting, especially if he’s really involved with them. And if the children are young he will place them above you in terms of time, attention and importance. Can you handle that?

Tip 1. Be flexible.

Without a doubt, one of the hardest parts of dating a dad may be that the kids are of course are a major priority. Of course, this doesn’t mean he doesn’t have space in his heart to love you. It’s just that he won’t be able to drop everything for a romantic getaway or spend endless hours on the phone with you. And that may be for the better. Because slow and steady is best in dating a man with kids.

Tip 2. Ask him about the kids.

You’re probably already doing this, but I didn’t want to skip over it. A man who has long-term relationship potential will want to tell you about his kids.  Get to know all you can about the kids. Their likes, dislikes and if the guy wants to share, their struggles. And then, when appropriate, go to meet them.

Tip 3. Validate how wonderful his kids are.

Praise and validate his efforts and the kids, even if he complains about them. He may say negative things, but it’s not okay for you to say negative things about them. Be positive and accepting about them.

Tip 4. Be ready with a thoughtful gift.

When the time comes to meet the kids, make sure you bring a gift. Come in to meeting them full of appreciation and thoughtful presence. Give them something small that shows you already know a bit about them.