6 Things That Only a True Gentleman Will Do

Looking for a happily ever after in the wrong places is going to contribute to disappointment time and time again. Eventually, you may develop a fear of love that will keep you from moving forward in your personal life. Instead of giving up on dating altogether, you should probably focus on finding the right guy. A true gentleman will make you feel appreciated and will change the dating patterns you’ve been through in the past.

Recognizing a real gentleman necessitates a bit of observation. Here are the essentials to be on the lookout for.

He Gives You Meaningful Compliments

Real gentlemen dig a bit deeper and they are not going to be superficial in their compliments.

You may receive praise for the work that you do, the positive outlook you have on life or the strong relationships that you maintain with your friends and family. Someone who pays attention to your values and goals is certainly a keeper!

He is Punctual and Keeps His Promises

A pet peeve of mine is a guy who makes a promise because he feels you expect it. Very soon after, however, the promise is forgotten and you’re left hoping about its execution.

Gentlemen are punctual. They don’t keep you waiting and they don’t forget promises. If he cannot accomplish something, he’s not going to make a promise. Thus, you can rest assured that you have a reliable person by your side.

He Is Attentive to the Needs of Everyone

When dating, we’re always trying to make a great first impression. Thus, a man you’re meeting for the first time will probably act in a specific way in order to get you liking him.

To get a somewhat accurate idea about his personality, you should observe the manner in which he behaves with other people around him.

How does he approach the waiter at the restaurant? What does he tell his mom when she calls him on the phone? This is when the stage persona will disappear and the true personality will shine. A real gentleman is polite and cordial with everyone, not just the people he is attempting to impress.

He Has Impeccable Personal Hygiene

Poor hygiene is a major turnoff. A person who doesn’t care what he looks or smells like on a first date is obviously way too inconsiderate and lazy to build something solid with.

While paying attention to one’s appearance is a bit superficial, it can reveal some information about character.

Gentlemen will shave and use cologne when going on a date. Their nails will be trimmed perfectly and there will be no sweat stains under their arms. Personal hygiene shows attention to detail, discipline and healthy habits that a grown man should definitely have.

He Knows If You Want to Be Treated Like a Lady

Some women want to have doors opened for them. Some want to receive flowers on a date while others are indifferent.

Real gentlemen pay attention to what the women in their life like.

He will take a mental note of your behavior on that first date. He will know whether you’d like to split the bill or if you expect him to pay. He will accept your wishes and stray from the routine if that’s what makes you comfortable.

He Will Listen and Keep Your Secrets

Being present at a meeting is not the same as being an active listener. A man who is an active listener will pay attention to your story, ask follow-up questions, inquire about your feelings and your thoughts.

A real gentleman will make you feel comfortable sharing information. You’ll know that your secrets are safe with him. If you can confide in a guy, you will find it relatively easy to build a stable relationship with him.

Getting over an ex that did you wrong can be a long and challenging process. You should start dating with local singles when you feel ready for this step. When you do, start looking for a gentleman.

Observe the things he says, the things he does and the ones that he omits. Every single detail of his appearance and his behavior can reveal important information. As you gain a bit of experience, you will find it a bit easier to pinpoint the important elements you should be paying attention to and drawing conclusions upon.