Preparing for a date checklist

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Get your pre-date preparation done using these expert dating advice tips.


In the hours before your date, keep your mind occupied to avoid over-thinking the date. Go for a run, have a kick about with your mates, or read your favourite magazine over a coffee to keep yourself busy.

Dress to impress

With so many factors to bear in mind, knowing what to wear can be a difficult decision, so it’s vital that you don’t leave things until the last minute.

Take into consideration the weather and what you’ve got planned for the date. If it’s something traditional like drinks or going to the cinema, you may want to opt for a smart pair of chinos and a polo shirt, however, if it’s a romantic dinner, switch that polo for a crisp, clean shirt paired with your favourite dark jeans.

Look the part

If you’re wondering whether to arrive clean shaven or looking a little rugged around the edges, a great piece of dating advice for men is to play it safe. For your first date, shave! Looking clean and smart will show that you’ve put thought and effort into your appearance, and will help your date recognise you easily when they get to the venue.

Smell fresh

It’s no secret that ladies are drawn to a man who smells amazing, but a key bit of dating advice for men is that when it comes to fragrance or aftershave, less is definitely more.

A spritz of your favourite aftershave should be enough to spark that added bit of chemistry, but if you’ve practically bathed in your favourite scent, it may be a little overpowering for your date. Don’t be afraid to seek the opinion from a friend on whether you’ve splashed on too much before you head out. It could make all the difference on your date!

Plan your route

Thanks to the invention of iPhones and Google Maps, finding your way from A to B is easier than ever, but even with all this technology, we can still take a wrong turn that leaves us lost and frustrated.

Don’t take any chances. It’s essential that you arrive on time, so, jotting down the location of the place, printing a paper map and planning your route in advance is a crucial piece of dating advice that will ensure you’re cool and calm when you arrive.

Do some last minute revision

Refresh your memory by looking through messages you’ve exchanged and familiarise yourself with your date’s interests so that you’ve got a stock of compelling questions and conversation starters to get the date off to a great start.