5 Questions about dating in the USA

1. Where would you normally go out on a first date?

We’d go somewhere interactive like darts, bowling, mini golf, or cultural and of course, food. The aim of the first date is to test your date’s competitiveness, creativity and how adventurous they are. It’s important to also see how they behave in a variety of situations, and how they treat other people like waiters.

Food should be fun and interesting, not some stuffy, boring formal joint. Movies are only an option if bad weather causes a last-minute change of plans.

2. Who pays on the first date?

Whoever asks the other person out should pay for the date… unless the other orders something disproportionately expensive (like she orders lobster and he gets a salad), then the over-spender should offer to pay, split the bill, cover the drinks or the tip – any gesture to acknowledge that you’ve over-ordered.

3. Would you end the date in a kiss?


4. How do you let your date know you’re interested in them?

Dropping subtle and not-so-subtle hints, such as touching their hand or saying things like “Next time we’ll…” are usually pretty effective. You’d never want to be too direct to avoid embarrassing yourself or your date.

5. Who gets in touch first about a second date?

No rules – whoever volunteers to be the vulnerable one !