The 5 Christmas Party Cliches You Don’t Want To Be

It’s your workplace Christmas party! After a long, hard year you’re ready to get your glad rags on and celebrate the start of the festive season – but it’s important that after the free bar runs out you don’t turn into one of these classic Christmas party clichés:

1. The Mistletoe Bearer

While a branch of mistletoe might present you with an opportunity to pucker up with the office hottie, for most of your colleagues it’ll just mean a rather awkward peck with someone they’d rather not swap saliva with – don’t be that person!
Instead, try to spend your time mingling with your favourite workmates and enjoying the festive antics. Save the mistletoe for someone deserving of your Christmas kiss.

2. The Honest Drunk

Take nostalgic tunes and a few alcoholic tipples and there you have it – the recipe for an overly – honest employee, you know, the kind who suddenly becomes a little too frank about their feelings and opinions on the boss. Just because your colleagues are tipsy it doesn’t mean they won’t remember what was said.
If you’ve had your eye on (or have even been dating) a colleague, it’s best to set the record straight ahead of the Christmas party – away from the mulled wine. If that honesty turns to matters of the heart then our advice is DON’T GO THERE. Unless you’re sure that the object of your affection likes you too then it’s best to avoid the risk of rejection at a Christmas party. As your mother said, “it’ll all end in tears”.

3. The Boss Chaser

There’s always one. The one person who takes it upon themselves to outrageously flirt with the boss.
It’s all very well enjoying yourself and having fun with your employer but do bear in mind you’ll have to see him or her in January, so try not to cause a scene and risk putting your job on the line.
The great thing about being single and dating around this time of year is that you’re suddenly presented with an opportunity to get to know your colleagues a little better, away from your desk.

4. The Flirt

Sneakily checking out the person you fancy at work is one thing, but shamelessly flirting with every colleague who will buy you a drink is a whole other kettle of fish.
The best advice is to keep your flirty chit chat with those you fancy to a minimum. If they like you too you can always pick the romance up again in January, and maybe even start dating them. The work Christmas party is not the time or the place – you’ll only set tongues wagging.

5. The Party Pooper

The Grinch, Scrooge, whatever you like to label them, there’s always someone who just can’t seem to get in the festive spirit – don’t let that be you.
Even if you’re not one for festive sing-a-longs or simply don’t fancy extra-curricular time with your colleagues, don’t spoil the fun for everyone else. Instead, try to accept the spirit of Christmas and embrace the traditions – after all, it’s only once a year.