How To Get Laid Using Tinder (With Conversation Examples!)

Tinder has become the ultimate “hook-up app” for men and women who are looking for casual sex and one night stands, but you need to use it right. Learning how to get laid using Tinder is easy if you know how.

The beauty of Tinder is that it takes away the uneasy feeling that’s associated with most dating sites.

How to get laid on Tinder

The goals are laid out as follows:

1. Find the girl you’re interested in and get her attention.
2. Quickly get her number.
3. Have sex within hours. It’s not about expecting a date, or endlessly texting and flirting.

You have to remember a few facts to be successful:

Tinder is full of girls that are DTF, or down to fuck.
Everyone wants the attractive girl, so you’ll be competing against lots of other guys messaging her.

This is my experience with Tinder

I tinkered around Tinder for some time after signing up with them, so I feel I have important information to share that will help you get girls. This week alone, I messaged four attractive girls, and when out on “Tinder Dates” with all of them.

They weren’t as hot as the girls I would actually approach in person, but they were attractive enough for this purpose. I’m proud to say that I hooked up with two of them. Last week I hooked up with one out of the five girls I met on Tinder.

How to get better Tinder results

I developed a system to get more Tinder Dates, after having sent out tons of messages. I’m pretty proud of my system. It works like this:

The key is about the first impression, and that has everything to do with your pictures. Consider your tagline to be completely irrelevant. After seeing your picture, it only takes her a few seconds to decide if she wants you or not. Don’t over think Tinder–it’s a superficial app.

You’ll need three pictures.

The first should be a great closeup picture of your face. A female friend can help you choose the best one. If your smile is your best feature, then upload a picture of you smiling, however, many women generally think a guy is hot when he’s not smiling.

The second picture should be of you and your friends in a social situation where you are all well-dressed. This gives you the opportunity to show women that you’re sophisticated, fashionable, and have a thriving social life.

The third picture is one that shows off your body. If you have a great body, then choose a picture of you on the beach or lounging by the pool. If you have an average body or flaws you’d rather hide, choose one of you riding a motorcycle, or something along those lines.

Whatever you do, avoid full-body selfies, even if you have a phenomenal body, as this might be indicative of someone too shallow, even for Tinder.

Your profile

Create a Facebook profile that’s just for Tinder, but be careful because this could wind up providing few, or no matches at all. This is where it all begins. The first thing to do is to like pages that most girls like, as this will increase your common interests. These could include great movies, TV shows, or books.


Be open to all girls, so swipe to the right, as this is a numbers game. Don’t waste your time checking out each girl. Just swipe to get the maximum amount of matches.

You’ll increase Tinder matches if you follow my instructions.

Once the matches line up, you can filter out those you aren’t interested in at all. When you get between six and 10 matches, start messaging.

How to get Laid using Tinder Messaging

The reason behind messaging a girl is to see if she is DTF, and of course, to get her number so you two can hook up. Messages should go out to all your matches, if you want to hook up on Tinder today, or within the next 24 hours.

You might feel a little uneasy about this at first, but that’s the actual purpose of Tinder, and most women know that, so most know what to expect.

Below are a couple of sample “conversations” with girls I recently hooked up with. To make sure I would hook up with someone in both cases, I was messaging a few girls simultaneously, which is what I recommend for anyone who wants to get laid. These messages were not edited at all:

This is a good example for a man trying to hook up with a girl, where they both live in the same city. I was playing a 22-year-old college student studying in a local college. The conversation went as follows:

On Tinder:

Me: Hi!

Lea: Hi!

Me: You’re cute! What are you up to?

Lea: You too. I’m just studying.

Me: Exam?

Lea: Yeah. Exhausting! I need a break.

Me: For sure. Text me, it’s easier. xxx-xxx-xxxx

Lea: Ok.


Lea: Hey.

Me: Hey! What’s a good bar to go to?

Lea: It depends on what you like, but ___ and___ are good.

Me: Ok thanks. When you’re done studying you should join me for a drink.

Lea: Where?

Me: _________ Street

Lea: Sorry, I don’t have a car. Why don’t you come over to my place instead.

Me: Ok. Text me your address and I’ll come over soon.

Lea: _____________ Street

I went over to her place, we had drinks and hung out for a while. We got it on within the hour.

This next example is for travelers. You can really see the beauty of Tinder when traveling to large cities. This real interaction took place just a couple of weeks ago.

On Tinder:

Me: Hey what’s up cutie?

Faith: Not much, handsome. How about you?

Me: I’m from out of town. I’ve got some free time to explore your city, but it’s so hot here!

Faith: Where are you from?

Me: Toronto, Canada.

Faith: Yeah, Miami is really hot in the summertime.

Me: Can you recommend any bars downtown?

Faith: Sure, if you promise to show me Toronto one day. LOL These places are pretty cool ______,_______,_______.

Me: Can you text me? It’s so much easier. xxx-xxx-xxxx


Faith: Hi, it’s Faith.

Me: I looked up your recommendations–they seem great. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Faith: Ok. Maybe we’ll meet up.

Four hours later…

Me: Hey! I’m at _________ Bar. Do you want have a drink with me?

Faith: Why don’t you come to ___ Bar. I’ll wait for you at the door.

Me: Ok. That’s just up the street from where I am, right?

Faith: Yeah. See you soon.

I went over, had a drink together and then we went back to my hotel.

As you can see, the two examples use a similar formula. I caught her attention and then I got her number. As soon as I contact them, I tell them how attractive they are. They know what to expect, thanks to my well-chosen profile pictures.

Sometimes girls don’t respond to my compliment, so I quickly ask them, “Don’t you think I’m cute?

Notice the developing pattern where I ask them to do something to help me. You could ask them to recommend a good restaurant that specializes in a particular cuisine, or whatever, but I like the bar recommendations best. It’s a way to ask for a favor, and then repay it.

Always give girls your number and ask them to text you because they are more likely to do so when you’re open with your number.

Your main goal is to meet her that night, but you’ll be competing with other guys. While she’s with you, she might even be setting up future dates with those other guys! The sooner you meet up with her, the more likely you are to have sex with her.

When you’re visiting another city, ensure she’s aware that you’re new in town. Women often feel freer with guys they likely won’t run into again. Women will also recognize the urgency to meet up with you if they know you’re from out of town, so they’ll act faster to see you.

Be realistic about the different dating sites out there, and what you want from girls. Tinder is an app with its own reputation that’s well known to most single people. Use it wisely and take advantage of all it offers.