Top 7 Dating Tips for Short Guys

So you walk into a room, right? Everything’s fine. Then there’s this guy who’s like 190 centimeters who just walks up to you and he’s like, Alright man, what’s up? I’m tall and you have to deal with that.

I know what it’s like to be a shorter guy I’ve been under the height of the average male since forever a thing you need to know if you’re a short guy don’t feel yourself the shame of being a short guy.

Nowadays short guys also going for a date getting their partner and love of their life by dating. It’s not hard to date as a short guy, you just need to follow my most important seven dating tips for a short guy which will help you give confidence.

so I am sharing with you the tips that I have researched and I personally a short guy and I implemented the tips on me and today

I am having my partner and love of my life even though she is much taller than me but the main thing is that as I am shorter than her she loves me very much whom I got from dating.

#1 is to accept it and own it.

 Don’t just accept it. Don’t just accept it and think Oh God, I’m short. I’m gonna be short forever. Oh god, I’m just a small, tiny, insignificant man. No, I own it, my friend.

There is nothing worse than the two extremes. A guy who is short and hates his life because of it.

Or a guy who is short and act like he is six foot five like he’s 190 centimeters we all know that guy. It doesn’t make sense man if you’re short except it own it.

 Because when you start to act like you are six foot five or when you start back like 190 centimeters and you like passive-aggressive towards Every other guy who is just a few inches taller than you,

it’s gonna come out and it’s gonna be ugly accept it, own it, move on with your life.

#2 gets into good shape.

 Now I’m not talking about becoming as wide as you are long, I’m not talking about becoming this massive bodybuilder.

Just get into good shape. Make sure that you have low body fat, you’ve got some muscle mass, I want to be a short, fat bald guy, be a short, bald, fit guy instead.

#3 become a good fighter.

This is just something that made a lot of sense to me. Because when you know how to fight and when you can throw kicks, punches takedowns you’re able to defend yourself. It’s just gonna add another layer of self-confidence.

 It’s just going to add another layer of this nonverbal body language that you’re going to project because you know that you’re capable and that you’re strong and you can take care of yourself so you’re not gonna have to overcompensate.

When you are out with a bunch of people and a taller guy approaches you and you feel like you need to flex your invisible laughs.

#4 find your style.

 Now I’m not telling you to follow what the mainstream media is projecting as style is your persona coming out physically it’s you wearing things that make sense to you.

 So if you’re a gamer wear that cool Pac Man shirt, a fighter wear that cool mike Tyson shirt wear cufflinks that have boxing gloves on them, accept your weirdness and show it off that makes you unique. It makes you.

You don’t need to follow what society is telling you. You don’t need to have a man bun now.

#5 Learn about male psychology,

 learn about the things that make men and that make us act the way we act. So when you see you’ll be able to catch yourself. When you’re acting insecurely you’ll be able to catch yourself when you’re acting passive-aggressive.

A very good book that I’d recommend for that is a book by the name of King warrior lover magician. I’m gonna break down this book for you real quick, the king the warrior the lover and the magician These are for male archetypes for Male frameworks that are inside of us all.

 Ideally, we want to strive to have a bit of every one of them. Now, what happens is we either have one of them, or we have one which is more dominant than the other.

But we also get shadow forms of them the bipolar, opposite evil twin brother of the king, or the warrior or the lover or magician.

Now, when you read about this stuff, it’s going to give you an added sense of self-confidence again, because you’re going to understand why other men might may do the things that they do, and it’s not going to piss you off anymore.

 And you’re going to be able to catch yourself when you are acting either like an insecure little girl, or if you’re acting like a passive-aggressive, little, little boy, you’ll be able to catch all of these things as they happen.

#6 learn about female psychology.

Let’s face it, guys, the only reason you’re pissed off about being short, is one of two reasons number one is that you feel like you’re not attracted to the opposite sex.

 I mean, that’s what it comes down two Number two is probably that you feel a little bit insecure when you’re around other males, which again comes down to attracting the opposite sex.

So when you learn about this stuff, you’re going to understand that yes, height and looks do play 1%, which is just catching the attention, which is very scarce to catch in this world, either way of the opposite sex, it doesn’t make or break you.

 Point number seven focused on doing things and less on being a specific way. I couldn’t find the right words to put this into. Allow it to make sense.

If you’re into art. If you’re into really geeky TV shows, if you’re into fighting if you’re into classical music, embrace it, do it.

Do not conform to society’s standards of a male has to be a specific way You don’t need to be any way except the way that you decide to be my friend.

#7 is to raise the bar high and keep getting at it.

Keep raising that bar high and what is it mean what does it mean to raise the bar high, we see all these cool Instagram quotes, raise the bar high. Remember hungry, raise the bar,

 Hi, my friend, raise your expectations, and your standard of who you need to become the best version that you could be with yourself and then keep raising that best version.

It never stops. If you’re between the ages of 20 to 75, you always got the chance to become better. It’s not motivation, my friend motivation is not going to get you anywhere motivation

is going to make your heartbeat a little bit faster, you’re going to be able to say, Oh, that’s nice. I’m feeling quite motivated now. And then it dies off in the next five minutes.

 You need discipline you do the things you do, even though you don’t feel like doing them you take your feelings out of the equation.

So that’s it, my short male friend, I am 23 years old and I am 170 centimeters. And this is for your life and we’re done. Peace out.


So at the conclusion now you have the perfect knowledge about the seven dating tips for short guys after reading this article if you follow the tips that I have wrote in this article you will be successful in your dating as

these are my experience tips as I already told you in the beginning how I got the love of my life being as a short guy.

So if got my partner on my second date after following these seven dating tips for short guys then why not you.